March 6, 2009

Just Doing It

Hub photographing the baby rattler. 2009.

Himself: Got one for himself.

Herself: Got one for herself. Beginning to research Nazi art, graphics and Sculpture.

Balance: By bye Citibank.

  • I finished my book rather than write a careful blog this morning.

  • Yesterday between swimming and reading the KdF ship piece to the group, I found myself propelled into the bank. Citibank had retroactively changed the rate back a year to 14.something % Without letting us know. Not good at all. Our bank personal looked at still wet me and sounded surprised to see I was preapproved for a credit card…..for a year then 7.8%. I’m ashamed to admit I am one of those leave it as it is don’t stir the pot people. I stirred. I’ll cancel the Citibank card as soon as the new one arrives and tell them why….carefully and back it up in writing.

  • Shame. I didn’t sign up to get a card for G too. We went back and it was only moments to take care of that. Mea Culpa.

  • The group said I did a very successful rewrite. I’ll read it to the workshop next week. Now I wonder if this sort of nonfiction will fit the latest Writers Digest Writing Contest.

  • Today: swim, work, sit on my ass, read, and sit in the middle of the island not the end. What ever I am allergic to isn't growing in the middle of the island. I can do that.

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