March 25, 2009

News, Views, and Gossip

Might get a bit sticky. Balboa Park, 2009.

Himself: Work, walk, eat, bed. Groveling to the Automotive Museum as he will not be there next Saturday as it is my HS reunion day. He’s going to switch from a quad core processor to a dual core in his computer. The programs are set up for the dual cores but not the quad.

Herself: Swim, write, read, read, bed. Need to do email. Got the first two pages pretty much done on the Nazi art piece. Thanks to a new/used volume of Speer, I have a new viewpoint. I’m really proud of these tasty dinners cooked before walking, reheated and eaten afterwards. Yesterday a twice baked potatoe with 1 Tablespoon of margarine and 2 tablespoons rice milk. Then again, there was 3 tablespoons + real cheddar on top.

Reading: “Inside the Third Reich,” Albert Speer.

Balance: Reading.

Caught my attention: A Teachers Guide to the Holocaust

Ah, neighborhood gossip, news, and views. Always real whether good, bad, or truly tragic:

  • Our neighbor Janeen is dying. Slowly. At home. Her family is at odds….the middle son can’t see how ill she really is. He’s called us twice for help, and we were not home. Her eldest son and daughter had a confrontation with the middle son….he has the power of attorney. Now they have a live in with nursing experience, they have her friends who visit every day, they have fools like us who call and take out the trash. Every family needs a trashy neighbor….that’s what Janeen calls us.

  • The neighbor to the right of Janeen wrecked his father-in-laws truck. He’s a periodic drunk, we discover. Wife and kids move out, and dad supposedly moved into a recovery program. Those of us who have trod this road before him have doubts. He lies; we don’t doubt that. We don’t think he is employed either.

  • That Greek veggie recipe is a super winner. 3 green squash it tells us. I used Zucchini. 3 green onions: sliced. 1 small onion: sliced. 1 can stewed tomatoes, crushed. 2 tablespoons fresh minced parsley. ½ teaspoon Dill. 2 tablespoons butter or margarine. 2 tablespoons oil. ½ cup Bread Crumbs. Layer. Sprinkle on oil. Mix butter with breadcrumbs, cover, bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes covered, and 15 uncovered. Serve warm or cold. We served it warm. Our house rejoiced in the smells.

  • G is truly suffering. “It’s like moving from a three dimensional world to a two dimensional world.” Poor guy. They haven’t even called him yet to tell him what is officially wrong with his computer, either. His Linus Blanket indeed.

  • There are three new neighbors in our building, and we don’t know them. Shame on us. We wave at the surf shop owner. We have no idea who moved into the skinny garage, and neither of us can guess who moved into the big one on the end where the lady with all the clothes used to live. The structure of this complex doesn’t let us get to know who is who. Not functional. We know the folks who live in the building across from us. That’s progress.

  • Ba has reappeared but at the noon classes. I still think of her often.

  • We have met the Joe’s coffee shop owner….only after urging by Marion K. Last year a little old lady put her car into gear and drove clear across a giant parking lot, hitting a number of cars but not slowing down, straight through his new coffee shop. Now that he has reopened, Marion K and others are stirring up a customer base. Yup, the appetizers were great stuff, but for everyday eating, his hamburger baskets can’t be beat. And his stitches are finally fading too.

  • Our water aerobics teacher attended a four hour long workshop for aerobics teachers and came back to us filled with a gung-ho attitude. I hope we survive her.


  1. if there ever was a poem waiting to be written it's got to be the Joe's coffee shop story.

  2. Your neighborhood sounds anything but dull at least! People living real reality tv without the cameras.


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