March 5, 2009

Pause of the Day

Many of these photographs were taken at the famous Tehachapi Loop. “See, the trains come up from the tunnel, around that curve, and off to the west,” says Hub to G as Tehachap looks for goodies along the roadside. The loop is truly an engineering marvel.

Himself: He finished checking the file from hell yesterday. This morning reported, “a fun drive to work this morning. The truck in front of me on I-8 to 163 spun out in the turn under 8. Good thing he was about a 1/4 mile ahead of me and I was so early that I was just puttering along. It was a shock to come around the corner under the 8 and have headlights aimed at you. I couldn't tell if he hit anything, but me and the car next to me just sat there while he backed out of the road.”

Herself: Picked up house, class, worked hard and made sense of all but two paragraphs of the KdF ship piece. Today swim, write, lunch, in the rain.

Balance: Discovering that something is growing at the far end of Shelter Island that had been making me very sick. Spring has sprung.

Caught my attention: A Repository for Bottled Monsters: An unofficial blog for the Museum of Health and Medicine. (nee the Army Medical Museum) Check out their new Flickr pages.

  • No Marion B in class yesterday. I missed her clear view of things. JJ read and it was wonderful. She said MB called to report her cat was ill. This is not good.

  • I gotta tell you that I struggled with the KdF ship piece all afternoon. Slowly it makes more sense, but I am left with two paragraphs that are total Gar-Bage.

  • Slowly we do well with the food. Leftover meat loaf with a sauce of salsa and a salad. Really successful all the way around…….then I ate peanut butter. Sometimes I want to hit my reality over the head with a 2x4. If I thought a 4x8 would make a difference, I would use that.

  • We slide into new things this Saturday. G volunteers at the Auto Museum 1 to 5, if I come along I can play visitor in the museum of the day. There is a show at the Natural History Museum I want to see…….then again, the Art Museum beckons, and next door is the Aerospace Museum which has a new plane……….

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