March 15, 2009

The Rummage Sale

……the biggest in the city.

A ¼ view of the Rummage Sale.

Himself: More fun.

Herself: What fun. Today is half price rummage sale day. Proceeds go half to the city and half to Balboa Park. This new venue has massive amounts of parking available…..oh hurrah. Then the more mundane….doing laundry, polishing forks, finding turquoise, making waffles.

Balance: Total agreement on a signed oriental brush piece that had sold from the Del Mar Fair and still has all it’s provenance with it.

Caught our attention: A damaged water color that had been one of a pair. If it is still there, we may bring it home.

Oh what fun. The Thursday Club runs the biggest Rummage Sale in the city… in an even larger venue. Oh, we had fun. We would have bought more but the check out lines were massively long. In the fine art section, we found several pieces that caught our eyes and a short check out line. Togetherness is good when you are buying art.

G walked the piece back to the car through the lovely new gardens where the Navy’s storied Balboa Hospital used to be. After he worked and I toured museums with camera in hand then tried to draw a Citroen, we touched the frame up a bit and hung our new persimmons happily.


  1. Oh, no! The Naval Hospital in Balboa Park is gone? It was bad enough when they closed down the Training Center where I enjoyed boot camp, but I went to Hospital Corps school in Balboa and the main hospital (Bldg 26?) was almost new at the time. 1959/1960. Heavy sigh!

  2. I actually drove one of those cars for a while. They are called "ducks" in Germany. Fun things to drive in the city. Lousy on highways. Cold in winters. Pure nostalgia in spring.

  3. It's almost noon and I find myself wanting waffles for some strange reason. Whatever could it be?


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