April 12, 2009

A Bunny Tail

Have a beautiful day.

Himself: Wants to putter.

Herself: So excited that both daughters called. “I’m smiling ear to ear,” Marie said. Lenora thanked me for giving her my black suit. She wore it yesterday to a funeral. It was so good to talk with her.

Reading: Lord Darcy.

Balance: Sunshine. That’s keeping it simple.

Caught my attention: Powerful blue sky.

Once long, long ago, no one wanted me.

I sat around in one of those cutsey stores and waited. I knew some one would want to buy me some day so I waited patiently. Every once in a while, deep in the dark of night, I would dust off my sequins and pull up my leg warmers. But no body took me home.

I began to worry. A man picked me up roughly and thunked me down on a table with a sign that said, “SALE!” Half off. That was me?

I waited and waited looking hopefully, even longingly up at every person that passed me by. No one picked me up.

The sun began coming in the front windows at the store, and my fabrics began to fade. One of the new clerks began pulling tree things out of a box. Arbor Day, said the new signs. As soon as the box was empty, I was jammed deep into the dark at the bottom, and the box was sealed.

I was jostled and bounced around. I could hear people talking, tough men’s voices, and a gentle woman’s tone, then a long, long silence. I must have dozed. When I woke up, a new person was pulling me out of the box and putting me on a shelf. Then she moved me around a bit….here and there. She thumped the dust off me, and she rearranged my arms, my legs, and my ears too. Harsh neon light filled this new store. “Easter Bunnies,” said the new sign. “Lowest Prices Yet…..ROSS Dress For Less!”

I didn’t feel I had a new dress on, but I went along with all the fuss. Smiling at the clerk, smiling at all the new people who looked at me.

“Look, its arms move,” said one little girl as she put me back on the shelf.

Lots more folks laughed at me. I began to grow sad. I began to think no one would ever want me.

“Look at this, dear G. I bet Duck would like this guy. He’s just what we need to make our friend Duck smile,” said a rounded lady that smelled good.

And the lady picked me up. She carried me to the cash register too. She took me home. Oh joy, oh joy. Someone wanted me. I was so excited.

But what was this “Duck!” A person? An animal? A ceramic? A stuffed duck? I waited to find out with some trepidation. But nothing happened.

I was growing a bit dusty waiting, then one day the lady picked me up and took me up a flight of stairs while gently patting the dust off.

“I’m so sorry Duck didn’t want a rabbit, but it's good that we didn't take him this one. He just threw that bear the little boy gave him in the trash the minute the boy left,” the lady said. “I really like this guy. Can we keep him?”

For a second I trembled in fear. Throw me away?

“Sure,” he said with a smile and a pat on my head.

“He got some water on his face,” the lady said as she wiped my tears of joy away. I had found a home at last.


  1. Oh what a wonderful story! I love it! **applause** I am so glad you gave him a home. He must be wonderfully happy!

  2. Have you thought of sending it to a children's book publisher. (Choose one that still accepts unsolicited manuscripts.)It would make a nice picture book in my opinion.


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