April 15, 2009

Busy Bay

Out of the corner of the lens, I caught this man running from one end of his boat to the other…frozen in time while running for the helm. I was shooting the Z tug.

Himself: Really happy.

Herself: Swam. Worked on the Bunny story and got it printed at Kinko’s. Worked on Anger poem for the Thursday group. Printed out packing lists. Changed the name of the ship from the Veendam to the Ryndam on yesterdays blogs. Gee, why can’t I remember that in the first place.

Reading: Spandau, Speer again. It’s been an interesting journey rereading these.

Balance: The warmth of the car while G was walking in the sprinkles yesterday.

”Have you got your camera?” He asks this as we leave in the afternoons. He walks; I take pictures. It’s a good trade off.

Sometimes I walk too, but always with a camera. Last week skateboarders were using an embankment to practice on, to film on too. Only one or two liability conscious old ladies called them on it. I was not one of them.

They have to pick up speed on the straight, turn to face the embankment, leap over a chain while the board is going under, and land on the board. The better ones are trying to get the board to spin several times before they land on it. Only one guy was successful.

Here the board is spinning, and he is landing without it. Ah well.

Here’s the other guy. He managed to land on his board. I missed the in-the-air- shot of both these guys going over the chain. That’s what I was trying for.

No close-ups of daring do anywhere the day before yesterday. Military work boats thought, out of focus.

Or shots of the city’s insignificance in the world. Yesterday it rained. I had my camera tho.

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