April 29, 2009

Flying Time

Monarch of the Seas, Avalon Bay, 2007.

Himself: Counting the days.

Herself: First round clothes draft choice hanging out in public.

Reading: Nada.

Balance: Finishing that entry.

Caught my attention: Roasted Blend’s fruit and veggie animals. Great creativity.

I worked all day on that vacation piece. I’ll tell you the details later, but it’s been a struggle. Write about aging for a blog about aging. For me to have it make sense, not just be a whip out, has been the struggle.

When I would get too enmeshed in my own thinking, I would take a break and count underwear, or socks, or bras.

Oh bras…now I am started. I wore some of those pointy tipped things during the fifties, and in the sixties threw all my bras away with great joy. Freedom at last. Only when I reached my late fifties did I wake to the thought that I might need those encasing things again.

I discovered bra’s weren’t ugly any more, but now they had wires and were just as uncomfortable in their own way. I went from those early fifteen-dollar bras at K-Mart to three-dollar Olga’s or Vanity Fair’s from Ross. I’ve discovered just this week that not all the bras in my drawer fit me correctly. I’ve been testing and discarding these last few weeks, and now I have a nice pile that fit without wearing me to a blister, itching, or otherwise driving me mad.

There had to be a reason that these “things” were at Ross.

Today I’m off to class, to the drug store, to home. The Big Circle Route is me today. Hair pins. I’m not doing a fancy hair-do on formal nights. Simplicity suits me just fine. Braid it and tuck it under in the back……but that requires hair pins. Cough drops too……for later. Just one makes me think I’m getting a treat before bed.


  1. Oh, I love the crowded harbour with the dingies...

  2. Yes, it's Catalina Island, 27 miles across the seas from LA.

  3. I've been seeing a bunch of old western movies lately; those pointy bras were a hoot! I remember wearing them myself. LOL. And did you ever hold your nylons up with a garter belt that made a round lump just above your knees? All for the sake of fashion! Oh it's great to have been delivered from those days.


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