April 3, 2009

Friday Lite

Himself: Ecstatic.

Herself: I shouldn’t drink a coke then wait out in the car for an hour.

Reading: The newest Pern book was very dry and confused me in the beginning, but the two of us are settling down well now.

Balance: Getting G’s computer fixed so easily.

Caught my attention: The U 505, Moving her to a new indoor hall, dramatic video.

  • G’s computer. After that disastrous week at over-worked Fry’s, it was with great joy to discover a mom and pop shop that could fix his computer on the spot. Imagine. Diagnosed and repaired while you wait…and he was doing another computer at the same time. G is a very happy man who now owns three running computers. Did I say that?

  • I went to the poetry lunch group, and I couldn’t hear a thing. My tintinitus combined with an over crowded room left me very out in left field. I came home with post lunch reassurances but with no real knowledge of what the group had said about my piece or how to improve it.

  • We ate at PF Chang’s for dinner. Perhaps to celebrate the computer rising from the dead. No, we didn’t have to eat all the food…new thinking. We brought home the leftovers…a non guilt moment. My fortune said something like “through the bad times you will make a new friend.” Hopefully my worn out hip is the bad time, and the fortune was mine. The candy bar we ate before dinner was the guilt for the day.

  • We took one of the prints Harry E gave me to Aaron Brothers. They had put it in a high acid mat, and once we got it all apart, we all discovered that the image had partially transferred to the glass. New frame. New mat….slightly off white to go with the off white of the print. Matted inside the print marks to cover the yellow too. Darn. But it will be ready by Sunday. I’ll take a photograph of it for you then. Maybe HE didn’t know it was really real. I wasn’t able to separate the authentication from the masonite backing so brought it home as a whole. What an appallingly bad, original frame job.

  • Weekend. Saturday: Lunch with a friend from out of town. I’ll post pictures if he says OK. Work at the museum for G. A book signing after work. It’s one of those jigsaw days with positives at every corner. Sunday is the big car show up at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Camera in hand, of course.

  • And today is Friday. Poor G has to go to a meet-and-greet for the condo board candidates after dinner tonight. Not that I don’t think it’s a good idea, but this was all put together by the opposition. G’s determined to stick it out on the board until he gets the management company ousted. Maybe I will go down and meet the other candidates.

  • And so it goes…….

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  1. You already know how i feel about boards. But that red truck is awesome!


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