April 8, 2009

Getting Ready

The Star Of India returning to port, 1996.

Himself: Had a great day even if the dentist from Perfection took forever to stick his new crown in.

Herself: Almost done with the biggest project of all. Now starting on the more difficult, smaller project.

Family: A nephew’s much wanted baby is heading in to surgery to remove a cyst off his liver today. He’s stopped eating and is growing thin. Prayers would be much appreciated for Asher.

Balance: The gorgeous sunshine. I moved the African Violets away from the front window where they have been shrinking for the last ten years. That frees up the shutters at that window. I opened them and let the light in.

Caught my attention:

This is a wonderful heart-breaker of a book that I can honestly recommend not just because Maria is a member of my writing group. Maria L, injured on her job as a police officer, adopts several severely abused and abandoned dogs. Not only does she help the dogs return to life, the dogs give her back life. These are their stories.

You bet I will get right out there and blatantly help a friend sell her book. Follow the link and check out the slide show. Amazon’s editorial review is better than mine….so check that out too.

When it Reign’s, It Pours.

I'm finishing two giant projects that have been crowding me and mine out of the house for over a year. The biggest project has been to scan all the photos in my journals from 1974 on......

I have one journal left to scan. This last volume is a small one, but not small in pictures. I’ve now accumulated an amazing number of grandchildren pictures over the years, children pictures too…even memorials. There are memorial pages for my friend Jo, Cosmom’s sister. There is another darker memorial for my mother. There’s a sea focused one for my mother’s third husband.

From baby quilts to grave markers, from birth to death, I have photos of them all.

Now I have them scanned too.

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  1. Just spent some time catching up on your posts. I am truly sorry about Joanie. Also I loved the polar bears! I am glad they are enriching their lives instead of just leaving them there. I am not sure how I feel about zoos. I too restarted weight watchers a few weeks ago, its tough. I have lost only 3 pounds in 3 weeks.


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