April 16, 2009

Life on the Web

Turbulence. Anger. Illustrated by solarized Clouds. 2009

Himself: Warm.

Herself: Cold.

Reading: Spandau, Speer. I find the site, “Third Reich in Ruins” of even more interest as I continue through these volumes by Speer. There I can see everything he writes about as it was and as it is now.

Balance: Soup Plantation. Dinner out was a very good thing.

Caught my attention: remanence : variance (Tokyo time lapse) a YouTube video that offers a few moments of delightful meditative beauty.

  • The writers workshop loved the rabbit. Of course I should have taken the real rabbit with me to show them, but they were wonderfully enthusiastic about that little piece. I was very grateful. Many tiny changes. I’ll get to those later today.

  • I spend the first part of my evening sending notices to Equifax et al to delete an inquiry from my credit report. Some credit agency is trying to find my eldest daughter about some far away, long ago bill of hers they want to collect. She isn’t me tho our names were once identical. They aren’t any more. Nor are out SS numbers. I made a bit of a fuss but lived despite the fact that I never do well with monetary stresses. Gee, how did I ever live when I was so broke I had to get food out of trash cans.

  • Struggling with that poem on anger. Sorting I call it and struggle with the nonsense verse on the page. The more I struggle, the less sense any of it makes.

  • I’m the car pool driver today. Jerry is coming here, but Flower needs to be picked up. Normally I wheel and whip around things all by myself in a full sized pick-up truck. Today here I am driving Myrtle, the Toyota, which has been emptied and dusted, and resembles something that I never drive. I must admit I’m uncomfortable about this. Last week I had trouble getting up a hill because I put Grumpy in the wrong gear. I can’t have problems like that with other’s in the car with me. I’m left asking myself when did I grow so uncomfortable driving? If you don’t drive all the time, driving is no longer a second nature action. We used to wonder why G’s mother wouldn’t drive on the freeway. I don’t “wonder” any longer.

  • I’m only half way through g’daughter Beth’s homework. I had a long talk with her mother who had approached this assignment as being “fun” in the beginning. Now it weighs on all of us. As an example: I cannot seem to find a Triumphal Arch” anywhere here in the city. There’s bound to be one somewhere, but I cannot find it either in memory or on line. I’m reduced, as a grandmother, to sending messages to the teacher plaintively asking in what part of town she might think a Triumphal Arch might be lurking. Grrrrrrrrr.

  • I’m having fun here with San Diego Blogs. From sites like San Diego Daily Photo I’ve been following links to more links. I’ve been led through San Diego photo sites then through a large collection of San Diego Foodie sites. It’s a giant world out there that I didn’t even know existed. I bet each and every city has it’s own photo sites, foodie sites, fashion sites, ad infinitum. Life on the web is not boring, but one has to have a certain level of curiosity to discover all this.


  1. What a lovely photo. Is it one of your older ones, perhaps the trains, photoshopped? Makes it look like a painting by a mad artist. (Wha...I don know nutin' 'bout art.) Anyway, it's eye catching.

  2. Hi Maggie, Thanks for the link to San Diego Daily Photo and I'm glad you found some more fun sites to visit. The web could keep me busy all day...that is why I just cannot join Facebook. I admired your photo organizing/scanning project last week - that was an incredible job!

  3. you gave me an idea here: a foodie post on tugboats. always a pleasure to read you. love the solarized cloud pix


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