April 28, 2009


Sapphire Princess, 2007.

Himself: He had a good day. If you want the definition of that, just let me know.

Herself: Up and down stairs.

Reading: Newsweek.

Balance: Menus for the week and the foods needed are all in the house. Darn. When everything is gone, we get to eat out until we leave. Good.

Caught my attention: Local food blogs.

  • I spent the day doing laundry and writing a blog entry for a friend who is going on vacation. I’ve so over worked that blog entry now that there isn’t a bit of funny left in it. Here I am trying for humor, and all I am is trying. It has devolved into a rehash of two previous blogs instead of something new and fresh. At least I got the laundry done.

  • The re-finance house inspector came, and he’s saying these are down from the 500’s to bottom 300’s. I think this unit will be worth a little more when he discovers units on sale now are not end units like this one is. At least he liked our tile bath tho our half bath went against us.

  • Socks. After doing all the stuff I was supposed to do, I poked my nose into my sock drawer. The object is to take warm socks on the trip. What I found were innumerable socks that were worn see-thru, paper thin on the bottom. No warmth or cushion left. Out they went. I was proud of me. And I still had enough to take with me on the trip.

  • Laundry: This ship has a laundrymat. Some of the HAL ships do not. I, who notoriously dribble down the front of each shirt I wear, will need that washing machine. The object is to not have clothes that will stand on their own. Yes, I do have silkies. Yes, also, at least once they need more than a hand rinse if I am to be socially acceptable.

  • I’ll haul the suitcases up this morning after I swim. I may turn into a shipboard lump while I am gone, but in the meantime I’m going to continue to bound about here. They do have a gym on board. Even if I have to plod on a treadmill very slowly there, I’ll be exercised.

    I have little stamina now, operate in short spurts, and am good for only about an hour’s sauntering before I have to sit. I don’t think exercise is part of himself’s plan for the trip. At all. I see bacon looming on the horizon.

  • I still need to find reading material, configure the laptop, find the hanging suitcase, dig out a little something for Seedys, sew on beads, and start paring down my clothing choices. He can get into his suit. I can fit into three long black dresses only two of which I will take. I found warm hat, gloves, and muffler. What more can we want. Sometimes my sarcasm escapes even me.

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  1. nice shot! bon voyage! have fun relaxing.

  2. Somehow I've missed your departure date. Soon I surmise, but I'll keep checking back here and find out (until I leave on the 18th of May). In case I fail to connect at just the right time, happy tripping!


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