April 27, 2009

Puttin' On The Ritz

In 1910, Alfred Robinson promoted a lath house for the upcoming Panama-California Exposition slated for 1915. Today we still have this lath house, now called the Botanical Garden which is still fronted by its Persian pools. 2009.

Himself: Discovered neighbors just as interested in the computer game he plays as he is.

Herself: Enjoyed meeting neighbors at Mickey’s house yesterday noon. Got a chance to visit a newly decorated studio condo and now have new cupboard envy. Loved her new Plein Air painting too. She has reservations about it, but I sure don’t. Today working on a guest blog piece for another blogger.

Reading: Nothing…….but I will. Need to buy three paperbacks for the trip…I don’t want to lose any favorites of my own.

Balance: A quiet time meeting neighbors and just talking.

Caught my attention: Cruising the past – Homeric. When getting there was half the fun.

It all sounds so easy. We are going to Alaska.

On all the websites, the new government regulations are now printed in red under the amorphous phrase, “Planning and Advice.” Bright red. I’ve read them twice now and am truly intimidated, so it’s down to the fun stuff instead of the red.

Plans…..it’s time to start implementing any travel plans that have been laying around this week collecting dust. Dreams turned into reality, that’s us. I’ll do nothing but laundry until noon when the estimator arrives, but after that all stops are out. Suitcases up, clothes out, Ziplocs to the rescue. I’m not intimidated by plans.

We did buy me a next size larger suitcase. Red. This is no five days at sea cruise in shorts and white pants. We will be floating around out there for eleven days in the cold…..three of which are formal nights. I understand now why the Victorian’s traveled with giant compartmentalized Steamer Trunks. They Dressed for dinner. We are not only going very formal three nights, the other eight nights are Business Attire. I didn’t mention the touring clothes….levis and layers.

Ahhhhhh, maybe I should have bought a Steamer Trunk after all.

As we get older, travel seems to call for even more bags, Did the Victorians, who loved to tour, hand carry on their pillows and meds? They had room to carefully pack their most treasured items in layers of cushioning tissue paper. Me? I’m going to jam as much as possible in many of those compactable, compressible bags. Watch me suck the air out.

Shoes? Now there’s the big one. HAL recommends two pair of walking shoes. “Because of the rain,” they tell us. Are you aware of how much space my size-eleven shoes take up? His size 12’s? And a pair for the Formal Nights, and another pair for the Business Attire nights. Or two of those.

I confess, I’m appalled.

It’s my sense of Victorian propriety which is color coordinating the shoes to the dress or slacks. And the pants to the shirts to the shawls ad infinitum. Am I thinking no one will notice me if I look like them. Mother lurks in my subconscious after all. At least I don’t have to wear a hat, gloves, and make sure my stocking seams are straight any more. You would laugh at me. I am.

What happened to the hippy who used to dance in the streets and paint flowers on her face?

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  1. You're probably right, a steam trunk would have been better. Can hardly wait to read your travel log, blog. My parents used to own on old wood fishing trawler and would spend each summer travelling from Vacouver up to Alaska. Sometimes they didn't make it so far up; weather, folks, and other distractions letting them cosy in to various places for as long as they wish. I never made it up as far as Alaska, but I do know you will be seeing such beauty it will take your breath away.

  2. Everything sounds wonderful except the formal dressing up. I'm not sure I'm up to it anymore. That's when it's nice having a hubby who's from India. Sarees take up little room in a suitcase, and silk ones can look stunning. That's about as dressed up as I do anymore, and even that very seldom. But I do look forward to reading about your adventures. (Don't tell anybody you write a blog; that way you can write nitty gritty details and gossip about your fellow shipmates and a book could come of it. Observing people on tours is great fun! Am I too wicked?)


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