April 25, 2009

Robin Knox-Johnston

Robin Knox-Johnston winning the Sunday Times/Golden Globe Race solo, non-stop circumnavigation in 1968. Photo Copyright Brits at their Best

Himself: Had a good day. Dinner at Phill’s BBQ with the Jim’s, then shopping for some new shirts at JCP.

Herself: Finally found some brush on eyebrows. Amazing to have eyebrows again. I think I will call the Red Quilt “The Run Away Quilt.”

Reading: A mystery.

Balance: Seeing friends.

Caught my attention: Messing about in Boats started it.

Actually, I noticed the fuss first on Tugster’s waterblog. Then I found the time at last to follow the links on Bowsprite’s space and was a gonner.

I’d been an avid reader of ocean sailing books for years, and I read Robin Knox-Johnston’s book, “A World of my Own,” when it first came out. I was just starting a divorce, going mad, and moving to a boat, so the story not only captured my imagination but stayed with me.

Messing writes, “April 22nd is Earth Day. Well of course it is, but it is also the 40th anniversary of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's completion of the first-ever single-handed solo non-stop circumnavigation - 30,000 miles, 313 days at sea, most out of touch of humanity, in a 32 ft teak ketch. Nine people entered the Sunday Times, Golden Globe Race in 1968 to be the first to accomplish this. Only one, Robin Knox-Johnston made it finishing on April 22nd 1969. Six abandoned, one sank (Nigel Tetley), one decided to keep sailing (Moitessier) and one was driven mad (Crowhurst).”

I reread of the race on the Wikipedia page, and was astounded at the complexity and tragedy of this race. I was caught up in those moments again, those magic dreams, those awful failures, and I wished to share them with you.

When you have a moment, do stop back in and follow the story. Look at Messing about in Boats pages and the responses about this heroic man’s accomplishments 40 years ago on Earth Day. Take a moment and read of this adventure on the Wikipedia page that tells us the story of the Sunday Times, Golden Globe Race.

This young man’s dream influenced my life. It might effect yours too.


  1. thanks for sharing. there are folks like that. thanks to messing...'s adam for starting the ball rolling here. oh, the joys of bloggig!!

  2. I checked the site out but nearly got seasick just looking at the pictures. I'm exciting about the photography though.

  3. excit-ed (i should learn to proofread my comments first!)


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