May 21, 2009

At Sea To Juneau

The Rhapsody of the Seas kept us company up the coast to Juneau. All photos: RGB. 2009.

Today: Off to the eyeglass shop. I’ve been very unhappy with both these frames and the lenses. Small and stylish isn’t me. Or G.

Himself: Work, glasses, work. He was appalled by how much he gained during the vacation.

Herself: I’m being quiet and not sharing my ear infection. Not sharing my cold either. No swimming and no class. Antibiotics again. I’m not impressed. Working on the Skagway pictures and the Glacier images.

Reading: The 4th in the Dresden series.

Balance: Knowing the pain isn’t just all in my head.

As we headed up the Alaskan peninsula to Juneau in company with the Rhapsody of the Seas, the staff scheduled a tour of the kitchen among other things. We two grand eaters were right there to be greeted by the head Chef Andre.

We realized much of this detail was staged for our benefit from the ice sculpture, the carved veggies, to the fancy baked breads but we appreciated it all. The kitchens were so vast that we barely got a glimpse of the miles of stainless steel before we were on to the next series of miles of stainless. They ended the tour by taking us through the Pinnacle Grill….HAL’s extra charge restaurant, with it’s charming modern surreal works hanging on the walls.

Later before dinner, we threw balls with our shiny new tennies, he played ring toss, and we attended another kitchen demonstration. Still, we always made time to walk the decks.

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