May 19, 2009

Awestruck by the Gardens: A day in Victoria

Stock mixed with Tulips. Oh, the gardens of Victoria were glorious. Photo: G, 2009.

Today: He writes that it was like a tomb at work today with everyone gone, but he refused to buy into it. He called about the re-finance while I called doctor’s for appointments and returned calls for one wrist surgery claim weren’t paid. Cleaners, bank, store……we are together again even with food in the house. Tomorrow we reup our prescriptions, and Thursday we get new glasses. Quick, get all this done before the insurance vanishes. The big thing about getting a new full time job is the benefits.

Himself: I know he isn’t doing well at work, but he came home calm. Walked two miles, situps. He doesn’t want to work in LA.

Herself: I called Bee, and we had a long wonderful talk. Spent most of the day putting together travel entries. Walked a mile.

Reading: Finished number three in the Dresden Series. Now reading an 06 Crais.

Balance: Reading quietly. Feeling centered.

The pilot boat swooped up to us out of the grey, and swooped off again after delivering us through the breakwater to Canada. It’s like a ballet. As soon as we were cleared, we whipped through customs and found ourselves in an absolutely beautiful, colorful, flowerful, gardening city.

Every house had a colorful garden. Even though we were early in the season, all the main streets were filled with color and a delight to the eye. Every corner had its bunnies, and every green was different.

I, the desert dweller, was awestruck by the colors and joy and passion I saw in every corner. I delighted in the Empress Hotel, one of those Magic Corporate turn of the century hotels, and I thoroly enjoyed the nooks and cranny’s of downtown. As we headed back to the ship, my eyes found the Coho, a 1953 ferry the exterior beautifully maintained. A miniature classic liner right there on the waterfront in Victoria.


  1. Stunning photo of the flowers at the top. Glad to know you liked Victoria. Even though I come from Montreal, I have a really weak spot for Victoria and Halifax. I'd like to be able to say I come from these other two places, even though I only visited there.

  2. wow! you've successfully quilted on your blog! wondrous colors and combinations! thank you, Mage! welcome home!!!


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