May 30, 2009

Living Well

Details: Georgette reading the day’s schedule over lunch on the Ryndam lido. 2009.

Today: Normalicy. Wasn’t that a word used just prior to WWI?

Himself: Sales, volunteer, eat our at DZ Akins….San Diego’s version of a Jewish Deli. Their matzo ball soup is to die for.

Herself: Sales, walk and museum, dinner with friends. This is the first “normal” day since we have been back from Alaska. Spent seven dollars at the thrift shop yesterday. Sorted cookbooks and found Beard on Bread. Heaven. Found a whole pile of other cookbooks that I just couldn’t leave there also. Visited by my traveling friend. Good to see her, but she is less flexible than in years past and when invited to dinner literally fled. Odd.

Reading: Beard. Several Beards.

Friends: Marie’s sponsor has been told she qualifies for the cyber knife surgery which has just come available in the North County. Please keep those thoughts going K’s way. Thank you from us, and thanks from K and Marie.

Balance: Dinner at the deli with the Feasters.

Yesterday Lia, of Yum Yum Café, wrote an entry about blog boundaries.

Yes, boundaries. I wrote her a long impassioned note much surprised at myself for feeling so strongly about this.

I thought the censorship odd at first. In the beginning everyone at Open Diary, and now everyone but the writer, had to remain anonymous. It didn’t bother me once I got my first nasty, child written note. I could do this, and tho I have readers who know me personally, others do not. So I became Georgette. The longer I stayed here the wiser this decision seemed, I thought.

As I wrote, my own personal boundaries here grew clearer. I don't write about sex, I don't write about my kids struggles with their own diseases unless they say I can, and I don't stress my own struggles with alcoholism tho it is always there a part of my life.

I found my pages evolved their own format over the years. I keep the pages white and the type black so I can see them easily. At the top of the page is a photo. I am an artist and at the moment photography is my medium. This is really a boring bit of codification, but it is simple and easy to use for those of us who have trouble seeing beyond their noses.

I keep the small personal commentaries in a box to the right, and usually a single topic to the left. Day before yesterday it was the important topic of G losing his job. Yesterday I wrote about my own lack of humor. Rarely do I write about my rather more than liberal political stance, and I believe my religion is private thing though I attend AA meetings that believe in God. I do believe that by living sober as best I can, I can show others that this can be done.

Notes. I’m a note hog. I confess. On OD, I get about fifteen to twenty notes a day from about 200 visitors. Thank you thank you thank you. The OD noters have become an integral part of my life, friends, hand holders, support, and much needed listeners. Thank you. At Blogger, where I am me in my real name, I am lucky if I find one note from 30 + or - visitors. I truly cherish every one of those visitors even if they don't leave notes. Yesterday I got one note asking what a buck and wing were. I was so pleased to see this note that I actually did research on the dance step "buck and wing." Silly me.

I used to have a statistics counter at my blog “Day Tripper” on OD, but something in the coding loused up my photographs. Out it went. At my Blogger “Postcards” page, I still have a counter. Did this affect the content of my writing? I don't think so as I had already begun the task of self-editing. It does tell me that I have a return readership of three to five returning friends depending on the day.

I’ll tell you. My old, handwritten diaries sure offered far more passionate, juicy, and interesting reading. I didn’t edit either my life or my writing. Then again, I was a drunk living in the middle of an enclave of drunks. Sometimes everyone’s antics made for some lively pages. Now days I get up, write, swim, and live.

Then again, maybe living well and openly really is the best revenge in the end.


  1. Stopped by to say hello. I haven't read your blog in months. Too busy grieving I guess. I enjoyed reading about your cruise. I want to do the Inland Passage but I think the Alaska State Ferry is more my style. My life is very informal shorts and T-shirt or Levi's and T-shirt.

  2. Dear Julie..........I am so sorry. Unfortunatly, I can no longer get to your web site to leave you notes. You have my deepest sympathy.

  3. I don't post much in my journal. Perhaps I will take it up again when life is more interesting. Thank you for your sympathy. I lost my husband in December due to metastatic Bladder Cancer.

    I will stop by more often.

  4. Mage, even though we do have certain boundaries, it doesn't seem to take away form spirited interaction. I went back and read some of the diaries I kept for the last 25 years and we completely dismayed at the romantic illusions I lived under. Maybe writing a blog is better in the sense that hte interaction with your online friends (readers), no matter how few they are (and my blog it is only a few), keeps you on your toes and honest.

    Julie, please acccept my sympathies. May you find console in your family and friends.


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