May 20, 2009

Passing by Vancouver

Line handling, Vancouver, 2009.

Tuesday: He continued calling on the refinance, and finally they called back saying they needed some condo papers. He arranged that. I here and trying to get two to three more days in my template. After work, we both have doctor’s appointments to re-up our meds and say goodbye till we have insurance again.

Himself: Feeling very calm. Said it was lighter at work yesterday

Herself: Feeling very stiff after my first water workout in two weeks. Shoulder killing me after a day on the computer.

Reading: Finished the Crais.

Balance: Taking all the right actions. That will do nicely for today.

It was a grey day as we entered Vancouver. Slowly the sunshine came out. There were no tours and there was no encouragement to get off the boat to see the city. We needed clean clothes and we needed to check in with customs. We did those things and will come back on our own to see the city.

We were followed into port by the Rhapsody of the Seas and the Norwegian Pearl. Also in port that day was one of the Celebrity ships.

Canada Place is a charming dock area. Hotels, restaurants, and the ever present customs, combine with bus driveways, car parking, and taxies stands. The poor organizers were not quite ready for the 6000 or so cruise ship passengers that wanted to get off this day…..or the several thousand passengers that needed to check in then climb back aboard their own chariots.

Float planes wait in the dawns light.

While we ate breakfast, we watched these unusual to us commuter planes roar by our windows. Yes, float planes seem to be the way to commute. One is landing just in front of the fuel docks, and another is taking off into the bay with North Vancouver in the background.

Here crew are washing the dining room windows.

We were refueled, and after dinner while going under the Hells Gate Bridge, we explored the ships nooks and crannies as the sun went down.

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