May 22, 2009

Skagway: A Day With Seedys

Seedys at work and at play. All Photos: G and G 2009.

Today: Absolutely nothing on the agenda today. Would you believe that.

Himself: Reports there’s some humor surfacing at work.

Herself: New glasses chosen……dramatic square ones. Not a first choice but should last a while and have slightly larger lenses. First signs of cataracts. Full of antibiotics and resultant IBS pain.

Reading: Forth in the Dresden series.

Balance: The quiet here writing these entries. Cleaning my closet out.

We were not the first ship into Skagway for the season, but this day we were one of only two ships. Because of the comparative quiet, we were able to really see the town not just wall to wall tourists.

The Skagway tugs pushing us to the dock. The one tug is tied to the ship two different ways.

We had a problem getting there tho. The computer that ran our thrusters didn’t. Skagway has two tugs, and much to our surprise, we were soon being pushed, very slowly, toward the Railway Dock by the two small tugs.

Look it that. I wonder who that lady is?

Seedys. We greeted each other like the long lost friends we are. She seemed to be as glad to see us as we were her. A joyous breakfast/lunch with the locals, a town tour….which she must do way too often but we really appreciated, and a tour of the rail yard on the way to the cemetery were all enlivened by the kind of local news and gossip you could only get from a friend.

Who built what? Why this? What’s that for? A real gold dredge where there is no gold. We were filled with the history of the grave markers, a history of the town, and a bit of the yearly lifestyle changes. We saw everything from a stone 1800’s Presbyterian College that lasted one year, the power house, the temporary housing for summer workers, a newly finished cottage, to a “pay-check house” that’s been ongoing for years. We saw Seedys in her shops too. A native in her home environment.

After lunch, it was off to the train and the amazing beauty of the mountains around Skagway. I took thousands of pictures. Rocks, stones, green trees, snow piled here or there or pushed by the amazing steam snowplow. My head rotated on my neck for hours, and Seedys continued with patience and smiles.

We saw the old clinic, the new clinic, and the old and new churches too. We saw the old cemetery, and the airport. I don’t remember seeing the grocery store or the thrift shop, but I might have. We saw the charming streets and homes built with love. Then there was Seedys who was kindness herself….endless kindness with two more tourists.

After our train ride, we bussed back from the top with a local driver, and had a bite to snack on in another local spot. More conversation, more smiles. We found her truck, and she kindly drove us back to our ship. Nothing could be better than a visit with a special friend like this.

To Be Continued:

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  1. mage- thanks for the closeup shot of the tug made off to your wessel . . . looks/sounds like quite the trip


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