May 17, 2009

Three Days at Sea

Boarding the Ryndam, May 2009.

We boarded easily that first day. Actually, we rolled down the Point to the ship and kept on rolling up to the Lido for lunch. No Cadmium Red Mediums intermixed with Mauve here. I was a very pleased passenger by the conservative ship-like d├ęcor.

Lifeboat drill, then the ship headed into mild weather for the trip north. I who always has a stabile stomach found it uncommonly stirred. I put on G’s wristbands and felt better tho not cured. He bounded around hither and yon. Sometimes he snapped a bit at me, other times he was kindness itself. On the fourth day, I discovered that I’d come down with a common cold.

We made light of it, but, for our safety, the crew did not.

While we pushed through the water, we walked the decks….sometimes with that top of the apogee floating feeling, other times with that “deck is pushing back” feeling. Some of my favorite moments this trip were spent outdoors on the complete walk-around promenade or up near the very front curve of the bow.

Life wasn’t all walking around in circles. Even the first day you could play games, so earnest folks like G marched from Game to Game like Soccer kick at noon to basketball at two and ring toss at four. In the Culinary arts center, there were mock wars, demonstrations, and amusements every day. The first day was open house which we missed. Darn.

In the Culinary Arts Center, L to R, the Cruise Director Rachael, the Entertainment person, Tiffany; The head Chef Andre; And the Head of Hotel service cooked a rather experimental dish that included gummy bears.

Our favorite pastime was exploring the ship. Gripping handrails with a fierce determination, I tagged along everywhere G headed.

He of course poked his nose here, and there, and here too. A door at the side of the well-equipped gym led us to a bow overlook. Up an enclosed stair tower and over a steep sill found us at an opening to the bow itself. Four times around the Promenade was a mile. We added a little to the mile every sea day by following our noses.

Two paint floats and the Ryndam Junior were securely lashed on the bow.


  1. Looks kind of brisk and rainy (dark grey clouds and water on deck). Still, I would have loved to accompany you and G. on your wanderings throughout the ship.

  2. I wish you were there for the whole trip. All of you would have enjoyed it. :)


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