May 28, 2009

Tomorrow and Tomorrow....

The Magradome flooring. This trip we made an extra effort to take pictures of the details. Still we forgot some things. Ryndam, 2009.

Himself: He called in sick and after he takes Grumpy to a body shop and get an estimate, he’ll stop by the DMV and find out about licenses.

Herself: Swim, finish writing, poetry group. Need to find out about a summer water color class. Both kids call. I practice just listening. My words come out scrambled at times yesterday.

Reading: Back to the Dresden series.

Balance: Friends.

Life grinds along slowly these days. No matter what is really happening out there in the world… GM’s pending bankruptcy, the wars, economic summits, children lost, mother’s found…our life here is focused on G’s upcoming layoff.

Yesterday they spent the day dangling carrots in front of him. Only him. A this might happen, or this might happen sort of carrot. Tantalizing stuff for a people pleaser like G and I are. He let the carrots slide off his back. The boss returned from surgery to find his world transferred to Mexico, and he has been stirring things ever since. G’s resolutely not counting on any of the carrots or believing in the hot air.

One manager is fighting to keep him on the job. Another is suddenly fighting to keep it all. Backstabbing, lies, and sour milk are suddenly uncovered. G has had no need to know so didn’t. After all that sort of stuff at his last job, this seems like whipped cream fluff. He continues his plans ignoring the hot air, carrots, and now fluff. If I pump him enough, even more sideways stuff falls out.

We have done the medical….discovering only yesterday some prescriptions are on the same paper with another prescription. The insurance won’t cover this. There was a minor fuss, and then we walked on Shelter Island. Now we need to do a basic stocking of the house. What will we need in an earthquake? The same things will be needed if he is out of a job more than three months. Where is the group where we got boxed food for one low sum? Are they still in business? Food and water.

Other expenses. Electricity. No gas. Phones. We have a nice fat list. What do we need to trim. The only utility beyond the basics I would like to keep would be the DSL for the computer. I can do without cable or cell phones. G can’t. If he is out of work for too long, life will become a juggling act. We talk about it now, quietly, then set everything aside. It’s good to talk; it's good to get the fears out in the open.

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  1. Very scary to me. You are lucky to have each other.


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