June 25, 2009


The G’s at the Swapmeet, 2009.

Himself: Counting the days: Either 2 or 4. He’s home sick again. Maybe work only half a day tomorrow. He has his sick days down to hours now. They are disbursing the severance package as if it were a pay check. This every two week disbursement will cut out unemployment for five weeks.

Herself: Working hard on her fear issues. Today: Swimming, Poets nch, pick up sewing machine…..oh hurrah. What am I going to do with the old Elna? What am I going to do with the old Computer too? We need to find folks who need old stuff. This is the first time we haven’t had to attempt crisis management with a computer. I can keep using the old one while G sets up the new one…with new programs and old programs. And getting it networked. Proactive…..amazing.

Reading: Less…..eyes are tired again.

Balance: Working on thinking positive.

What am I going to do with the old Elna? What am I going to do with the old computer too? We need to find folks who need old stuff.

Daughter Marie doesn’t have time or energy right now to fuss with old stuff tho she could use the sewing machine. She just qualified for a brand new desktop so doesn’t need the problems of my old one. Plus she is working her program, has a commitment, has an internship for the summer, is carrying one class, and she has a four year old. Not only is there no room in her life for a cranky sewing machine, there’s no room in her tiny cottage for anything.

My Gateway’s been a workhorse…..unlike the two Dells we had that were so proprietorial they wouldn’t keep going. Our computer guru friend from the Feasters, that group of SDSU friends who eat too much together once a month, sometimes gives computers away.

He just gave one to a Feaster friend, Leo, who finally caved in to email. We all have been teasing him for years about his vehement computer negativity. We’ve seen the stats on folks who don’t adapt to new technologies, and we all worried. The old folks who don’t get computers fade away rapidly. We kept up our teasing too. Finally we had a month with no Leo at dinner and we realized that no one phoned him. We just don’t think phones any more.

“Yes, yes, now I have a computer why aren’t you teasing me any more,” he commented acerbically at dinner last time.

“We didn’t say anything ‘cause we love you,” I replied after a long silence. Why tease a man when he is down. How can you say you are afraid for someone.

So I bet our computer guru friend could find a place for a second computer.

The Feasters with their mouths full, June 2009.


  1. I missed you at the "Feasters with their mouths full" photograph, were you the photographer? Here in Iberia my friends of my generation dont know a thing about computers and refuse to learn. It is almost a point of pride for them. I could not understand why, why this resistance to learn and adapt. Reading your entry now "the old folks who dont get computers fade away rapidly", you are so right. With CLL it has been thanks to internet that I learn how to handly my health, to give one example. I hope you find someone for your old computer.

  2. Glad to hear your daughter has a summer internship. Though, internship sounds a lot like free labour, but maybe it will allow your daughter to find new hope in herself.

  3. Lookslike Chinese? I am the same way I dislike talking on the phone. E-mail me and I will gladly chat away....

  4. I love the idea of a regular once a month dinner. We used to have one on our street here, and it sort of died. People separated, moved, gave up. Your group looks great. Just old enough.


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