June 17, 2009

For the Moment

Belts. Swapmeet, 2009.

Himself: Off at 2pm, grabbed me, and we went over to the top of the valley to sign half an hour’s refinance papers for the condo. First in the 7%’s, then 6%’s, now 4.25%. According to the appraisal, the value has gone up again 100 thousand. Afterwards we talked finance and saving and actions while he is unemployed: Him school, us fix truck, them kitchen counter, save the rest. Sold his company stock. Save X and Y for taxes. Instead of just his good luck, we are relying on planning too. Simple dinner on the bay with crème Brule no fancy dinner at George’s at the cove as we did last time. Meeting afterwards.

Herself: Very hungry so behaviors weren’t the best while signing. Dinner. Really pleased with all how all this is going. Eight days to unemployment, and I am still pleased.

Reading: Read two chapters in the latest Dresden, drew garbage in class….told by teacher to use a ruler….we do not think so.

Balance: Financial things….for the moment.

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  1. I think I have to find a swap meet. Those are great pictures.

    Sounds like you're doing well with planning and going into the future. Hang in there.


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