June 26, 2009

Friday Lite III *

My friend Carol in her new kitchen with my new countertops, 2009.

Himself: Not today the bosses decided. G is just taking up space. Played games, called, meetinged, called some more, and after ordering the kitchen counter, sink, and dishwasher, took Herself out at Phil’s BBQ to celebrate. Ready to move on.

Herself: Swam, read the “Swimming” piece at Poets Group; Picked up one sewing machine and delivered another, counter, sink, and dishwasher all before dinner. I actually didn’t fuss about spending this pre-budgeted money. Today work at the Cancer Society thrift store.

Reading: Not.

Balance: The noon Poets Group gathering. What marvelous voices they have to give to the world.

  • The re-finance closed and the money for the new kitchen counter arrived……which is just like Tehachap’s and was picked out at Home Depot. The sink was picked out at Lowe’s as well as a middle price range Bosch dishwasher to replace the three year old something that’s rusting totally away everywhere…teach us to be cheep….cheep, cheep.

  • A visiting college art teacher praised my doodles in the “Swimming” entry. Lots of suggested changes to be made now. “Cut in,” I would have said in the layout and paste up days. I just hope it is readable in the end.

  • A lady at the swimming class will take the Elna and donate it to a group of battered women in Vista if it runs. We took it out to La Mesa Sew and Vac and hope the man there can get it on the road again.

  • My old computer will stay here. G’s old computer will be retired, and its Hard Drive will go into mine. It’s even more of an antique than my old dinosaur by a couple of years. His, when cleaned, out will be donated it to the J2 group to give away to those who might need it.

  • That’s us. Into action, on the road again, and smiling because “Broadband” donated Gateway’s for Marie’s battered women’s group. It’s ready to deliver and set up today. I’m cheering.

  • Michael Jackson’s music is stuck in my memory like a shooting star. Later I learn of Farrah Fawcett’s death too. The world is a much smaller place.

  • We updated the Norton, and Himself spent the rest of yesterday morning recreating the network which had vanished. He doesn’t like Norton tho this version works better than anything else.

  • I’m focusing on staying in the moment, and it seems to be working. Hey, what more can I want. Smiling too. We are both accepting this layoff and just hoping it’s soon over.


  1. Mage, a good day indeed, don't you think? Are you referring to your sewing machine for the Vista organisation?

    Was hoping you might drop over to the veryshortshortstories.wordpress.com blog of my daughter and me. Was also hoping that you might like to write stories on the blog. Even though you haven't been there, still thought I might send you this formal invitation and ask you if you might drop by as a reader or writer? Please give it a thought, I'd love to have your over there.

  2. I'll be by this evening after dinner. :0

  3. You are doing good. Keep on keeping on. xxx

  4. Joan Baez said "Action is the antidote to despair." And you are in action, and in the moment, and smiling, and I applaud you both.

  5. Just a reminder: My hubby and I went through a layoff several years ago. As a result, the new opportunities that came our way brought us here via 8 years in Las Vegas. I wouldn't want to give up a single minute of that time, and now I'm really happy his connection to the old company he'd devoted 30 years of his life to was finally severed. Hopefully, in your case, the "forced vacation" will be brief.


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