June 5, 2009

Friday Lite

Elevator carpeting aboard HAL’s Ryndam. 2009.

Himself: At work, everyone is reading job sites on line.

Herself: Yesterday did the pool, drove two in Grumpy to the Poetry Group, grabbed a moment to read, moved the watercolors into their new box, watched G walk, ate, and meeting.

Reading: Still Dresdening…..

Balance: Meditation.

  • Life is beginning to feel predictable, and that’s especially ok today after David’s death yesterday. I knew what I was going to do yesterday. I liked that. Today I’m swimming, heading to the Cancer Society Discovery Thrift Store to sort stuff…oh, sorting the books was wonderful last week….and having dinner with Carrie after G gets off work. I cherish this sort of day right now. It may feel boring, repetitious, or even too much the same after a while, but it’s mine and I’m keeping it.

  • Just as an aside…..and there are many asides in a work place where most employees have been laid off. G wore a “Mickey Moose” shirt to work today. Alaskan humor at it’s tourist worst. It suits him and his job perfectly at the moment.

  • Rain Wednesday. I was pounding away here on my keyboard when there was a roll of thunder and giant rain drops hit the windows. Unbelieving, I left the computer on as I raced around and shut all the windows. That funny noise earlier, the one that sounded as if the metal lift gate on a box truck had fallen off, that was thunder too. Imagine, a few moments of rain being the chief topic of conversation everywhere yesterday. You who don’t live in a desert won’t find that funny. We did.

  • Rain today….did I say that.

  • I need to apologize to an old friend. I don’t know or remember what I said to her, but I need to apologize in the now. She may not respond, but I will feel better. If she does, we can clear the air. The older I get, the more important friends and acquaintances get…..

  • And so it goes. I’m smiling. I’ll jog well in the pool while trying to keep my ears out of the water. I’ll have a ball at work, and maybe I will actually have a topic for tomorrows entry. Have a good one out there…….

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  1. I have been loving this cool rainy weather. Summer can wait! I too have a friend, that I need to make peace with.


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