June 27, 2009

Hot Rod Papa

The Hot Rod show at the Automotive Museum, Balboa Park, 2009.

Himself: Counting the days: 2. Everyone was very bored yesterday. One guy took everyone to lunch. Today will be the last day of the Hot Rod show at the Automotive Museum. He thinks the next show will be of 60’s and 70’s drivers.

Herself: Sewing machine running and at vastly reduced price. We will pick it up today. Reading in the next Dresden. Cutting in the corrections for the swimming piece. Still adding photos…..now I have to take some out or you will never read all the piece. Didn’t buy one thing at the thrift store yesterday.

Today: Two estate sales, Balboa Park where I will sketch and he will volunteer, and split a meal at Felipe’s for dinner.

Balance: Friends.

We actually sat down and talked budget last night….a pennies, nickels, and dimes budget. Even if his company plays games with his severance package, treating it as if it were a pay check, if we treat it as if it were unemployment we will be fine. We will put anything over the unemployment sum into savings. The money in the savings account, at 0.25%...which is appalling, will grow slowly this way but will be harder for us to access. The safety cushion will still be there.

When I woke up this morning, I noticed I was out of Prilosec. There’s something we forgot to budget for. Over the counter meds. Ka-ching!

Most of these hot rods are modeled after a 32 Ford and are kit cars.


  1. Budgets. I never was any good at them. I always forget something. But your car pictures are super.


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