June 1, 2009

Little Things

Ryndam Details: G, the ever vigilant, spotted this one in an overlook high above Victoria. 2009.

Himself: Re wrote his resume and took it to work with him on a stick drive. Meetings: He likes the OB newcomers better than the PB newcomers.

Herself: Forgetting more words. Had a terrible time with “resume” this morning...kept thing obituary instead. It took almost an hour before the word returned to my mind. I’m holding himself to his commitment of three meetings a week. Led the noon meeting yesterday noon and chose the topic of “We are not a glum lot…” The phraseology is typical of the times it was written, but I find I am less glum if I get to more meetings and laugh at myself. Newcomers don’t understand laughing at the very sick things we drunks deal with every day, but they soon catch on. I’m trying to laugh about waiting for the dentist to call this morning.

Reading: Finished one Dresden and off to the library.

Balance: Today more of the little things. Getting my tooth back in will even life out.

The silver bangles and earrings got polished yesterday. A small thing, but they got done. The glittering gathering laid out on the kitchen counter was very encouraging. I had hopes other slightly bigger things would get done, but perhaps it was a day of little things.

The bed spread and the big pillow shams got washed. They had just been sitting on top of things collecting dust mites forever. Killing dust mites and their poo is my greatest chore these last weeks as my IBS has been winning, and I have been warring against it.

Dust mite poo is the biggest trigger of all. Two big cups of coffee are a no-no too. Two much acid intake is a no of any sort. No V-8 for a while after swimming also, darn it. I’ve been eating bread and butter for two meals a day this week. No one likes nausea for breakfast, so I have been adjusting my evening fiber, for I’m doing fiber therapy, to finally reach a much better place this morning.

In the computer room, dust mites are winning….or the dust mite poo is winning. I have a twice a month housekeeper that I do not pay for deep cleaning. I had planned on wielding a clean dust mop-thingy up here yesterday also, but life intervened. I had hopes of polishing some of the greyed and graying jewelry pins too….for G gives me some delightful adornments. But no. They are still a darkening grey in their little felt drawers. Other little things waited in the wings.

I actually spent hours on that past tense essay and managed to understand present tense enough so I rewrote five paragraphs. I didn't finish it and left it feeling as if it had grown into a giant thing. Little things waited in the wings.

Sometimes getting only one small thing done a day feels heroic. Successful.

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  1. Hi Maggie, I always enjoy reading about your days - gives me perspective and inspiration because I usually feel like a chicken with its head cut off. You get stuff done - I just think about it!


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