June 22, 2009

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Salad dressings, outdated and at the swap meet, 2009.

Himself: Counting the days: technically 6 working days, but he thinks the 8 will be let go Friday. “Sick” at home…leaving 3 sick days to go unpaid.

Herself: Taking action: Swimming, a meeting in Clairemont, and a few hours with G, planning menus, shopping, et al.

Reading: Almost done with the next Dresden.

Balance: Walking the swapmeet. Realizing I must walk every day or it all goes South.


  1. What you write is always intriguing...

  2. love the photos, curious about the outdated dressings, glad to have found you, some interesting commonalities. :)

  3. your art is gorgeous. Really.

  4. How can two boxes of old spices look so pretty? Yet they do! To me it's like they're people who re getting so old, not as good for what they were long ago, but still beautiful in their own way. I also loved the gloves I saw in some newer posts. Something about collections, huh?


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