June 6, 2009

Reporting the News

G walking out toward the glacier and waterfalls. He’s not making news. 2009.

Himself: Upgrading a few shirts at JCP’s weekend sale. Estate sales, and the museum.

Herself: Dinner out with Carrie was elevating. Friends like that are so very special. Today: Ditto G plus two art galleries and a book.

Reading: et al.

Balance: It’s supposed to rain today.

Over at the social networking site where I also keep a blog, the front page now has a news column. At my suggestion, another diarist submitted a news item about DaveDog’s broken hip and now lack of recovery.

My reporting of this accident in this space is considered “fourth party.” This diarist was asked to keep us posted about how DD was doing. Her reports of DD's fall and broken hip is considered third party. To be published in that particular column, a news item needs to be first party.

My thought is that perhaps there needs to be a compromise.

Just like in news reporting world wide, one verifies the facts, does it again, runs them by an editor or two for truth, honesty, and the American way then publishes.

In this case, DaveDog is hospitalized in far off Upper City Hospital with a broken hip and now pneumonia. We have our diarists report from DD’s mother….which makes it forth hand, and subsequent reports via DD himself through the diarist…which make our news third hand.

But we believe her. We know it is true. The news is there. We want to know the news. My thought is that we need to follow responsible reporting methods that follow standard news gathering guidelines for news that affects us. Perhaps we can find a compromise when one of us here on OD are injured, such as DD, or die like my friend Cosmom or our unique Blather.

The question is now, how does one report news in proprietary news columns when the subject isn’t available? At the moment, one doesn't. What about here in bloggerland. How do other blogging sites handle this problem?

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  1. How awful to find these things out and be so disconnected when the person cannot blog from where they are. It is amazing how connected I feel with some bloggers. :)


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