June 8, 2009

Those Pesky Errands

Silver by the yard at the Swap Meet. May 2009.

Himself: Fixed my tool box by taking out the permanent partitions and I now have room for my paint trays. He’s having a, cough – cough, sick day. He has 7 sick days left, and when he is laid off they won’t pay him for them. After errands, he will show MK how to download her pictures to her computer.

Herself: Swap meet yesterday. Bee this morning, and later I will follow him around all day. I’ll follow me around all day too. Dinner at MK’s….we pick it up at a favorite Mexican and take it to her house.

Reading: Nothing. Maybe one of my stops today will be at the library….or Costco.

Balance: Enthusiasm for the small things in life.

”It’s going to be a busy day,” he tells me in passing.

I hunt to find a pad.

“Ok, what errands have you got for the day?”

“Trucko. Costco. We have several things we need to get at Costco.”

I let the silence hang for a while.

“You told me it was going to be a terribly busy day,” I reply my voice slowing down and my eyebrows going up. “What else do you have?” He didn’t.

I start listing my own errands. Yes, the truck to the body shop. Wash it first. They won’t pay a lot of attention to a dirty old truck. I’ll find a book and read while the shop does truck things. Yes, Costco…….we like their balsamic vinegar, and we are out. We like their farmers bread and are almost out, out of trashbags, and low on G’s coffee…..get 2 bags of coffee beans, and out of olive oil too. I’ll window shop in the book section while we are there. Ah, my downfall, books.

Then too, the staples of life: groceries, art store, and to the Cancer thrift store to drop off old glasses…bless the Lions club for giving away old glasses to those who need them. Lastly to Amvets thrift store to check for lime green shirts. Nice, acidy, green shirts. Mine are fading and wearing out because I wear them so much.

Passionate errands are best for the soul, I think. Passion gives you motivation. I can’t work up much enthusiasm for body shops or body shop guys, but I love to eat, love books and love thrift shops most of all. It’ll be easy to work up enthusiasm during a day of errands if I can be bribed with a trip to a thrift store.

Best of all, at the end of the day we are taking dinner to a friend from the Writers Workshop. She has a new camera and wants to know how to download the images. She wants to see our Alaska pictures too. Friendship and photography plus Alaska. How can you beat that combination.

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  1. Sounds a lot like my life. And did you say Alaska?


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