July 3, 2009


Parade flag, MGB.

Himself: Spent most of his day starting up the new/one-year-old computer.

Herself: Did all my usual Thursday things. Chicken casserole didn’t make it so G gets it.

Reading: Second to last Dresden.

Balance: Reading.

In the past, I would dither, fuss, create feathers, and worry when a new computer is born. Yesterday I just forgot things.

We picked it up from the PO the moment they opened. The desk clerk banged it on the floor as he walked it to the front. Why didn’t he use a dolly.

“I have a dolly you can use to get it out to your car,” he told G. After that thumping, I was reassured to see it intact and running later in the day.

Off to the Poetry Group where I discovered I had forgotten the poem I was planning to read on the desk at home. G was on his way out to Fry’s for a new video card so brought it up the hill for me. The ladies were grateful…….I more-so, and they fed him chocolate chip cookies and coffee.

I read, and they made few changes and told me I was turning into a poet. Imagine that. Off home again, the two riders told me that my driving was excellent which was very nice after our rocky start. Imagine that too.

Over the day he put new memory sticks upgrading me from 1GB RAM to 4 GB Ran. The new video card brings the new computer up to middle of the road from the cheapie card that was in it. The old computer, we discovered, had the video on the motherboard….which he thinks is what is going. He plugged it in and powered it on adding all those things like drivers, software, networking, and added it in to the network. Office, Norton, email, Photoshop Elements, printer and scanner. Poof done in one afternoon. We both remembered the agonies of installing things on Windows 95 and 98.

No user interface. G says Plaid thought that sooooooooo funny that he’s beside himself. That means the new computer doesn’t have any sites bookmarks or email addresses so here I am still using my old one. You know what I will be doing this weekend.

For now……it’s off to the pool and thrift shop while Grumpy gets new tires. Then if you want me, I will be right here………or over there.

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