July 11, 2009

Estate Sales and the State of My Kitchen


Himself: Stopped by the library and found new job search sites listed. Very useful.

Herself: Stopped by the library and found a new to her author, Hayes. Good meaty mysteries. After a while the hanging animals seem to grow into some form of grotesquery.

Reading: Hayes.

Balance: Not watching a horror film with G.

Oh. Should I stay home and quilt or go to work with G and hit the museums? I’m quilting tomorrow. I’m quilting next week Wednesday and Thursday.

Maybe I should go with G out into the heat.

There are three good looking, rich looking estate sales. Do I need more stuff? No…not me. I’ve been making piles of things to go to the thrift store as I rearrange the kitchen shelves.

Have I used it in ten years? No. Out it goes. Ruthless. That’s me.

“Oh, you can’t get rid of that! Lenora gave it to you,” says G. Into storage it goes.

“Oh, I can’t get rid of this! A long dead friend made it.” But am I using it?

Have I used it at the last two houses? Into the thrift pile it goes along with a turquoise Bauer bowl and a thirties striped bowl. There’s too much stuff still but I persist in going to estate sales.

I need to start clearing out the cookbooks next if I ever finish with the kitchen shelves.


  1. I'm not buying any more. No more stuff. But I could really use that panting doggie for my to be born in September great grandson!

  2. Having moved house last year and being overwhelmed with the accumulation, things one keeps and dont even know they exist, clothes that I havent worn in years, etc., etc. I have learned to become a minimalist. I have everything I need, and I dont buy any more stuff.

  3. You sound just like me. My cookbooks outnumber my shelves which are sagging with the weight. It's hopeless, because I love all of them.


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