July 31, 2009

Friday Lite

The Iron Brigade: Calafia’s Warbands, doing a demonstration on the mezzanine deck at the Convention Center, Comic-Con, 2009.

Himself: Swam but didn’t get much chance to job hunt today. We did the Air and Space with the Campo family…..dears that they are, then lunch at the Zoo before heading to Amvets for whites and the paint store for paint. He finished painting the kitchen.

Herself: Swam. My back was killing me all through the Air and Space, but it got better by the Zoo. I desperately need to exercise more, regularly…or something. Dinner a cheeseburger in paradise with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Nightmares about an earring I lost yesterday….a small gold hoop with waves rippling around it’s edge.

Comic-Con notes: I’ll continue to share pictures and the parts that fascinate me with you hoping you don’t mind.

Balance: Seeing and listening to Beth.

  • Everyday something new catches my eye in the Comic-Con photos. Today I’m delighting in photos of The Society for Creative Anachronism, SCA, battling it out on the mezzanine. Their costumes amaze me, and their creativity delights me…tho I am not much on battering.

  • Sitting inside the doors of the mezzanine were a row of fellow travelers. The SCA was just up a bit from the 501st Legion: “Vaders Fist…..bringing order to the galaxy since 1997.” Just around the corner was Dr. Steel founder of “World Domination Toys.” Not boring. Do I want to join the nurse corps? Some sense of humor seems to be involved. How did you hear about Dr. Steel, a site asks. Dare I admit to Comic=Con?

  • Sitting just down a table or two from the crowd feeling toyish, was the group from The Sovereign Kingdom of Terre Neuve a division of the Adrian Empire. I felt much more affinity toward them enjoying their realistic costuming and the arts and crafts displayed in front of them. A comforting group tho it portrays a time of great privation for the average woman…myself, from 1066 to 1603.

  • More realistically, I have a fresh new kitchen again, a room in my condominium devoted just to cooking…something the peasants didn’t have in medieval times but castles of that era did. My painter is to be commended, and I, the twenty-first century house frau, am to be applauded for staying out of it all. Later today I will begin the task of moving back in…..and cleaning up the long waiting disaster in the living room.

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  1. Congratulations on the kitchen. I've done that twice; the results always pleased me. I'd like to do it a third time, but I don't own this place so it's a good excuse not to cook.


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