July 2, 2009

A Look at America

A Llama waiting. 2009/

Himself: “I’m glad it is over.”

Herself: Anticipation led me to take Tylenol before my eight hours of walking, and a hip massage in the sales building helped me feel good for most of the day. Got her cards read by a secretive psychic who said I couldn’t share the results with anyone for 9 days. That was a new one on me. New old computer arrived while we were at the fair.

Reading: Nothing today.

Balance: Marta today for her one day a month.

He wanted to go to the fair. I confess that anything he wants is fine with me right now. Expensive parking and discount entrance then fun, real fun, with all the usual suspects.

We overate joyously. Grant’s cheeseburgers with extra sauce were actually good. Here the two cashiers smiled for me.

“What’s the name of your blog,” one asked. I told her.

The all sugar fudge was a piece of nirvana as was the diet coke just when energy flagged. The Chicken Fair Special came with fried onion strips and fried zucinni strips, but we also got a chance to taste the fried avocado……just like avocado fritters. Fat, fat, more fat, with lots of carbohydrates to add more width and breadth. What fun.

Look, origami. Then too, we did the art, sculpture, photography, furniture, quilts, weaving, sewing of all sorts, table settings, collections, and even dish painting to caught our attention. Rocks and minerals led us to ask more questions. We had a ball at the merchandise buildings too. County fairs are really America.

Oh, we learned too. This young woman was giving a lecture on goats, and I found it fascinating. We saw sheep, turkeys, cattle, and pigs too. There was a familiar and pervasive smell from childhood too when I helped muck out the barn.

And we walked through the midway too as caught by the barkers as if we were playing the games and as frightened by the high swinging rides as if we were on them.


  1. I haven't been to a fair in quite some time. But I love walking through a ll the exhibits and eating all the so good but bad for you food too!

  2. Cool pictures, especially the last one of the sling about thingie.


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