July 27, 2009


A typical Comic-Con fan confronting a wall of comics.

Himself: This kind man did the laundry yesterday. Job hunted. Posted 50 of his Comic-Con pictures to his Facebook page. Greek dinner plus desert, for all three of us, then Greeted in his new and outrageous “Robots in Orbit.com” shirt.

Herself: Tidied the house. Dr. John coming to dinner was the perfect excuse to pick up a really messy house. Cooked the meat for fajitas tonight before taking him to the Old Town Speakers Meeting. Three old friends recognized him. Eldest daughter joined OD yesterday. No longer Marie, she is now Lessa.

Comic-Con Notes: I managed some good shots despite my moving constantly. Today’s person is typical. He wears a backpack and carry’s his swag bag. Some folks had three or four of the swag bags and they were filled to the brim. These convention attendees either were not broke, or they saved all year for this occasion.

Balance: Seeing Dr. John.

I start the next new project today….scanning Tim’s plunge pictures. The counter construction folks will be here Tuesday and Wednesday also.

My goal here is to be able to keep on working upstairs while they demo downstairs Tuesday, and to keep on working up here Wednesday while they put the new counter in. I’ll run down and get a couple of before and during pictures for the album……yes, we have an album of this condo. I want to keep the house as dust free during the demo as possible.


No swim workout today as the teacher is in Disneyland for her 50th, so before all else, we are walking along the bay for a half hour or so. I’ll have time to begin scanning images before heading out to my 1030 am meeting.

There is no rest for the wicked, obviously.

The familiar DC Superhero’s gather together just for a moment.


  1. Lotsa luck keeping the place dustfree! I still remember when I had my kitchen in Las Vegas changed over from white tile to granite. But all the mess was well worth it; I suspect the kitchen counters and fixtures were what attracted the new buyers. I'm not doing anything much here as far as redecorating. Seems like all those kitchens and bathrooms I renovated were only used by us a short time. We always seemed to move not along after they were done. I want to stay put awhile here.

  2. Hope you had a nice walk. And that you do not get too much dust. It will be hard, but hopefully it will not be too terrible. Would love to see the photos of before and after.


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