July 18, 2009

Plunge People

A 1983 Gathering of the Mission Beach Plunge staff for a roof picnic. You won’t recognize Mage and Tom top left, and bottom Right is George and Kelly.

Himself: The company he interviewed hired inside the company. No jobs to apply for yesterday. He enjoyed the gathering last night. Today work at museum and dinner with the feasters later.

Herself: Kelly is one of those friends who you see again after a very long abscense and you can just pick up where you left off. Such a very precious thing. Very good to see everyone. Magic.

Reading: Absolutely nothing yesterday. My mind feels vacant.

Balance: Being there last night.

Not only was it a renewal of friendships, but it was a delightful few hours catching up. We brought all the pictures we had on the laptop, and Tim brought a giant bag of photograph albums with all the photos of his life intermingled with all the other life photos.

We talked and looked and exclaimed, ate, and had a wonderful time.

Top: Mage and Kelly on the left, and Tom middle right with Jane on the right....she was a guard pre 1983. Bottom L to R: Kelly, Mage, and Kim’s sister Melody who was a lifeguard at the plunge before 1983.

As the meal grew to a close, Tim slid the bag of albums over my way in giant gesture of trust. I brought them home to scan. They are faded, are color changed, and covered with dust marks…all these will be huge time fillers to fix in Photoshop.

Top: Kim on the beach, 1983. Below: Before and after.

I’ll do my best. Much to my sorrow, they do not scan perfectly.


  1. Great photographs that must bring a lot of memories. I love looking at photographs of people taken 20 or more years before.

  2. Photoshopping is great, isn't it? I love your face in all your photos (of yourself)--almost everyone is so animated, and so full of life. You're a people collector I can see.
    I love old photos.


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