July 14, 2009

Quilting Week

By the bay: Top: Hesta Leader heading back to Japan. Middle: A red hulled sail boat’s crew scrambles to set things right. Bottom: The Hornblower’s High Spirit’s….I wonder whose yacht she was in another life. 2009.

Himself: Found two good jobs to apply for. Every day if there is at least one good lead, he’s happy. He made the menus for the week.

Herself: After Quilting, we headed out for a drop of thrift storing, Grocery shopping, and cookie eating. We re-watched the really scary Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The new one is out in two days.

Reading: Finished a Newberry Award winner about a young woman forced to go live with her grandmother in the south during the depression.

Balance: Reading till well past dark.

Menus: Cheese Quesidilla, Hamburger steak and SoCalFrank’s salad, Lite Polish sausage in red cabbage, baked potatoe with avocado and grapefruit salad. Two days out with friends.

Quilting goes slowly. Inching up a row to go down a row. Stars here, outlined, stitch in the ditch real quilters call this, alternating with cabins. Since I am doing this freehand, nothing is set in stone.

Some of the little houses have smoke coming out their chimneys. Other’s have cobble stone paths or bushes here there or everywhere to cover up the fact that I sew so randomly. No one will ever care if my lines wander.

I’ve cheated this week. I waved my magic wand and made this officially finish the quilt week. I’m skipping the art class today. I’ll still chat Bee on Wednesday after swimming, but the rest of the day I’ll quilt. I’m skipping my poetry group Thursday, tho I actually have one tiny piece written. This gives me three solid days of quilting, nice poofy, quilted stuff covering my lap and making my soul happy in this eighty degree weather.

Red on the top and white on the bottom against the blue backing. Inching along is better than stagnation. It will be good to get this done.


  1. I would love to see a photograph of the finished quilt. It must be therapeutic to quilt like you do, not rigid, nice and free, I wish I knew how.
    Your photos of the boats are beautiful, all these worlds coming and going to the other end of the earth. Dont you sometimes feel like taking a boat not knowing the destination?

  2. Thanks for stopping by the blog. In answer to your question, I have two blogs because one is very dedicated to the beautiful natural world in which I live and the other is totally unstructured and I am allowed to just write about whatevah!

  3. Nice boat pix. Really looking forward to the quilt too.


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