July 24, 2009

A Saturday at Comic-Con 2009

All pictures on this entry were taken in 2008. Here the Society for Creative Anachronism battles on an upper deck.

Himself: He’s so very excited. He bought these Comic-con tickets last year before he was laid off and today he is so pleased he did. Free wi-fi this year too.

Herself: She gets to go as a half price senior. Yes, long pants to hide the compression stockings, sensible shoes, layers, a backpack with water, ibuprofen, and we can eat across the street. Oh, sometimes I feel appallingly old. But Oh how I love taking photos there.

Reading: Food magazines to inspire me to cook light, tiny portions of new thinking food in ten minutes. I know, I am dreaming.

Balance: Working at the Cancer Society Thrift store. BCBG dresses, shirts, and pants donated in huge boxes. More fancy stuff from other big designers arrived from a La Jolla store. Absolutely amazed at the beautiful fabrics……but I’d worn some of those designs in 1963 and thought they made me look fat then. Found a small Samsonite rolling suitcase for 2 bucks……totally worn out. The department head that owned it used it so much that the black handle had turned white. Found some antique Christmas Ornaments too. I spent six bucks……….oh, the guilt of it all she says with the back of her hand on her forehead.

An imported Aussie warrior advertises a new game.

Someone’s Army prepares to march on by.

The Warrior Queen in all her glory.


  1. I love reading your considerations/thoughts on the side. The photos show me another planet...

  2. So, you actually attended one of these? I understand that the vampires took over the whole convention this year!

  3. Well, okay...if you'd rather me visit here, I will. ;-)
    I happened to be fairly close by where y'all were stomping about today, btw - check me out sometime.

    La Toad


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