July 26, 2009

Smiliing All the Way

Mythbuster guys were there signing autographs. We missed them tho we got their swag bag.

Himself: He had a ball. Bought a new shirt in a wild 1950’s fabric. Took thousands of pictures.

Herself: Once I got rolling, I had a wonderful time. Sad about the lost images. I’ll probably be overwhelming you with Comic-Con images for months. Wonderful costumes, color, and more color. Swag bags and swag everywhere.

Comic-Con Notes: Books: Starting a new Peter S. Beagle….I found him and his newest book in the “beginning artist section” attempting to raise money for lawyers fees to get royalties on one of his books. Really nice guy. Got to meet Rick Geary…a cartoonist I admire no end. Wallowed in joy to find 1950’s magazine illustrations collectable at last. Found appraiser booths and an insurance booth too. The School Bee teaches at had a booth as did UCSF and a few more. Three art booths: Blick and Holbine there. Comics and commercial art are big business now.

Balance: A wheelchair.

Comic-con: Costume Day: 1.

We arrived early, but the organizers were well ahead of us this year. No line wrapped around the building. Still, we got crowd pictures, in line upstairs pictures, and gobs and gobs of costume pictures before we were let in to the vendor area.

Yes, Virginia, there still is a viable and energetic small press alive in America. We started with the many isles of new book and comic vendors, moved on to the artists, and slipped our way through the famous….especially if I didn’t recognize them, and moved on to the authors.

We walked five hours and two chocolate chip cookies worth before lunch. Afterwards, I, conceding defeat, retreated to a wheelchair, and spent some of the rest of my day feeling guilty. My old boss, one with a new, not-working-right-knee, said his wife couldn’t manage five minutes at conventions and that they’d gotten her a three wheeled scooter for things like this. I felt much better after his kind words.

We both took continual pictures. I dropped my camera twice, and at the end, I found myself with two full 2 GB cards and one partial. This morning, I deleted the contents of card 2, and found myself with corrupt photos from card 1. Letting all that negativity fill my head is not ok. They are only pictures, and I will play with what I have left for months.

Home, we unwound before the TV upstairs, and I confess I fell asleep far before Himself did. I have no memory of him coming to bed at all, but I remember sleeping in. Wonderful stuff sleep. Beautiful sleep.


  1. You met Peter Beagle? who wrote Fine and Private Place?

  2. It is like being inside a comic book, all those characters walking around and posing for your camera. That is where America is so much fun.

  3. Yes, I met Peter. He has a newsletter and a blog. Yes Celeste, it was so much fun to just watch the folks in costume. And they weren't all young either.

  4. Jake would have loved this and I would have too. I love to people watch!


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