July 28, 2009

Still Laughing

Inked pages for comics, for Sunday papers and comic books, for sale at Comic-Con 2009.

Himself: Walked, Job hunted, meeting, more job hunting. He found a few to apply for.

Herself: Walked….not well, scanned Plunge images, meeting, went by the American Cancer Society thrift store to tell them the iron I bought home on spec worked just fine for me. Scanned Plunge pictures until I was done. Done!!!! Done! Done! Ronnie left a link to my Postcards blog on her blog….encouraging people to try reading someone new. I’m very appreciative.

Balance: Pleased with the scanning.

I have a bit of a poem rattling around in my head, but I scanned Tim’s photos instead. I kept scanning until I was done and at the end wondering why I volunteered for this. Laughing at myself for you know I wanted to have copies too.

Today I will load them into the Snapfish photo album….I’m forever waiting for them, for HP, to tell me I have too many images in my albums and can’t load any more. Later I’ll do a drag and drop to a CD too. This way, we all have copies, and those who want to fiddle with any fuzzy images in their own Photoshop can do so. A lot of images are fuzzy or degraded by time.

Lunch with Marion B today. Very exciting stuff that. By noon, we should have news about her book’s publishing date. No sun they say, but if we eat down by the bay it won’t matter. We will be suckered in by the beauty of it all.

Maybe the poem will pop out after lunch.


  1. Yesterday I saw Ronni's highlighted blogs and pleased to Postcards there. I hadn't got caught up with her blog in a couple of weeks. You're so thoughtful to scan all your friend's pix like that. It's a lot of work and don't I know it?!(My back is better finally, but not before finally giving myself permission to take a round of Prednizone so I can get on with my life. What makes us resist more pills like we do?)

  2. I wish I could Pop out a Poem! LOL! I envy your days so organized and productive. I have this week off and can't get motivated to do anything. Although I did make a list.

  3. Mage, just a stolen online moment on this trip. Just wanted to say that I off for another week and then I'll be following your blog daily. All the best.

  4. comics! costume conventions! poems! quilts! ships! friends! water!

  5. Yes, I wish I could pop a poem just like that. You are so multi-talented. Will be waiting for the poem. Your day sounds very pleasant.


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