August 26, 2009

Alaska Album...put off for now.

Stock mixed with Tulips. Oh, the gardens of Victoria were glorious. Photo: G, May 2009.

Himself: Didn’t get the job tho he was number two. There will be another opening in 90 days and please stay in touch…response also. We were both very disappointed.

Herself: In 80’s here at the beach today. Worked till bedtime last night when the Virus’s, Trojan Horses et al attacked this old computer. Geeeeeeee………I must admit I am the least happiest person you know at the moment with this old, beyond crotchity computer. It probably needs to go into the shop too. We took off ten virus's this morning and more are probably lurking. No email from here except web mail.

Reading: Nothing at the moment.

Balance: Focusing on staying in the now with a reminder that this is a spiritual program.

Cleaned all the surfaces off and brought out the stuff to begin work on the Alaska Album.

I can see the pages in my minds eye, but who knows if I can replicate them. The first thing to do isn’t replication but organization. Put those first quickly written journal notes together with the finished blogs. I should not have written two….I see now in retrospect, but I’ll get them all put into one page per day sometime this week.

School starts on the 8th, and I want this project done by the start of school.


  1. Victoria is known for it's gardens. Looking at that top photo, it is not hard to guess why. My kids start back at school Monday. They are trying to squeeze as much as they can out of these last days.

  2. Now another must see place to put on my list!

  3. Working from two sources is definitely harder, but it's do-able. I toy with keeping a journal for the snarky stuff I don't want everyone to read. Of course, I could them put both in my book.

  4. Focus on the flower photos. They're beautiful.


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