August 17, 2009

A Bee Sort of Day

The fruit and veggie sellers were out in force this sunny day. Nectarines, swapmeeting, 2009.

Himself: Found tools at the Swapmeet to make some tiny wooden boxes for Bee.

Herself: Had a good slow walk, and I feel grand this morning. OD slow again after a normal sort of mid day yesterday.

Reading: Imagine…..nothing, tho I have a new-to-me-author with me.

Balance: The Speaker at last nights meeting.

I feel vastly better if I exercise everyday. We walked the swap meet. I found a wonderful Tori Richards shirt for the man who doesn’t need any more shirts, and I bargained the lady seller down three dollars. Yes, I didn’t know what a Tori Richard shirt was. Sometimes you win.

Then I found some glasses. There were four small desertish glasses in the nice slimy 1930’s green that’s so hard to find now tossed into one of those giant quadruple spaces with millions of other things. One was broken, a good sized chip out of the rim, and for five bucks they weren’t worth the effort. The son of the seller followed us down the isle, and when he got to three bucks we went back and got them. They are just the sort of glass the Bee collects.

It must have been a Bee sort of day.


  1. must, Must, MUST get back into an exercise routine. Intermittent biking and hiking are not good enough.

  2. I walk 5 kms first thing in the morning, that's my exercise routine this summer. I like it. Those glasses are lovely, what a good find.


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