August 9, 2009


Swapmeet dishes.

Himself: Found three jobs to apply for on a Saturday morning.

Herself: Cleaned and tidied, and I posted a nice large new pile of plunge pictures from Tim to the Plunge album and remembered to send out a note to everybody. Gosh, I really was a size 14.

Reading: Finished Masterharper of Pern

Balance: The brief silence before the casserole.

Something’s gone wrong with my cooking. Nothing comes out quite right no matter what I do. It’s discouraging. Perhaps I shouldn’t assume. That seems to be what’s getting me in trouble these days…assumations.

I made a what should have been a delightful gazpacho. Instead, it was so acid that my toes curled.

I peeled and seeded the tomatoes, G seeded and diced the cucumber, and even though the added green onions and parsley gave the soup a decided green cast, the problem was in the lemon.

I assumed. Thinking that one of those ice cube container cubes was a tablespoon, I followed the recipe and popped two in the soup. On finishing, we discovered it really was four. Perhaps even more from the degree of toe curl.

Yesterday I followed the recipe for a zucchini casserole to the measurement…exactly. Four cups of grated zucchini means four cups. Remembering my error with a carrot cake where I didn’t pack the carrots into the measuring cup tightly enough, I packed those grated zucchini bits in beyond tightly.

I won’t tell you what went wrong with my eggs, but I made a lightening run to the grocery store for a fresh dozen eggs while eliminating a horrid smell in my icebox. Ah, a reality I hadn’t expected.

When I mixed my three beaten eggs and tablespoons of flour in with the zucchini, I still had grated zucchini. I thought about adding a fourth egg but didn’t. When I took this concoction out of the oven, the recipe saying the center should be cooked, I still had a center of solid zucchini.

I’m not giving the gods a third chance here. Next time I’m not grating the zucchini.


  1. It is so discouraging to make an effort to prepare something nice and have things go wrong. You are anticipating a delicious dish and then it doesn't turn out. Lets hope the next recipe works.

  2. Well the food sounded good. What a great idea to freeze fresh lemon juice! I either have too many lemons or none and hate to buy them in the market. .99 for one? Ridiculous!


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