August 15, 2009

Cruisin' Grand

Cruisin Grand with Lessa, MJ, and G, August 09. MJ, a four year old who has discovered perpectual talking.

Himself: He interviewed with two people and was told two other’s were being interviewed also. They will call him. I got home just in time to drop in the car and head north for “Cruisin’ Grand”…seeing the classic cars with Lessa and MJ. Dinner set heavy, but the cars were light.

Herself: Got to work and discovered that everything in the store was 50% off during the annual sale. Few donations, so I put stuff that didn’t fit our customers back on the racks. It was fun to interact with the people for a change. Bought two model trucks for G’s collection. Later ate, looked at all the cars and trucks, and had a grand time. At home, posted a few MJ pictures on my Facebook page for family access. We discovered that MJ will stop clowning around, hold still, and smile when asked to smile for her sister. Made us laugh.

Reading: Not one thing tho I have a pile library of books waiting.

Balance: Driving north.

There were cars and trucks and more cars and trucks in all colors, ages, and styles. We both agreed that putting MJ in a stroller kept her wonderfully contained and out of the classic cars. We also agreed that there was a heavy predominance of Chevy’s. There seemed to be more ’57 Chevy’s than anything else tho there were a huge number of Chevy trucks of all ages. Did I mention that my first car was a very used, turquoise 57 Chevy that used to be my grandfather’s.

G wore his Old Guys Rule with a V8 logo on it. I wore my Chevy visor. Must be properly dressed, you know.

I photographed anything and everything. G single mindedly photographed cars and trucks tho there were two with me in them, an error I am sure. What a wonderful, colorful world these cars and trucks have created.

We both agreed that the 1967 Chevy front with the 1995 Truck bed was a hit of the show.


  1. Great pictures, especially the one of the engine. Those cars were really colorful.

  2. They were very entertaining, and we had a quiet time too after putting a slurpee into MJ's mouth. :)

  3. Cars for me are colors and shapes. Motors dont interest me. Trucks are intimidating. I drive a little Fiat 500, bought second hand. I always find a parking spot as it fits anywhere. That's my idea of a car, small enough, and economic enough. I guess you would have to put a slurpee into my mouth too...had I come along.

  4. It's nice to think that the engineers that designed those vehicles and the people who build them work is still admired.


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