August 5, 2009

Hot Stuff

Cool Reflections on this day of heat and humidity. 2008.

Himself: Following all suggestions. I am so proud of him. Passing on the suggestions to others who are having trouble with the new job hunting style.

Herself: Snapfish down. I wanted to show ice pictures, and instead will show a cool water image from Flickr….which I cannot figure out how to use. Neither can I figure out how to use Photobucket. I want to create an album and save photos to that album. These two sites are not intuitive at all. Half done with the Lessa project and surprised at how fast it’s going. Swim first then more scanning after being frustrated with the photo sites.

Reading: The new JA Jance arrived from the Mystery Guild.

Balance: Reading.

I confess, it’s hot. It’s been hotter here in the past, but not at the beach and not recently. We here in San Diego are roasting in unexpected humidity, and we are not holding our chins up at all well.

I confess. We are spoiled. Rarely are we this wet, hot, and miserable all at the same time. I remember a couple of hot Septembers in the 1950’s, and my introduction to basic training in Alabama was a wall of humidity that greeted me outside that DC-4 cabin door.

That’s how it’s been here recently. And I am a being a wimp about it all.


  1. I remember a business trip to San Diego one year where I had to scrap the ice off the back windshield of my rental car. Not expecting that!

  2. Oh its hot here too! About 3 years ago I was on Coronado for a long weekend and I remember thinking I would get away from the heat here in Pasadena, well even right thre on the beach it was hot and humid! Very unlike Diego. Try and stay cool. I have the air at 79 day and night!

  3. i love the pic . . . the colors and texture. more like it!!

  4. I'm with Will! colors are your very many forte! (well, you have many: words, fabrics, threads, food, friends...)


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