August 13, 2009

It's All About Me....

….selfish, selfseeking, and selfcentered me. Or, sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself.

Georgette at a Plunge employee picnic, 1984.

Himself: He says, "I'm doin good today."

Herself: Yesterday: Swam, felt ill after breakfast. Today: Feeling very self centered. Not enough sleep.

Reading: A Clah mystery.

Balance: Physically feeling better this morning.

  • The new digital mammograms don’t hurt. They are slightly uncomfortable. I was told that the digital images won’t show “artifacts” such as a skin fold. You are just left a bit smashed but not crying. This was a good discovery. Very pleasant staff too.

  • They had us out of Radiology so fast that we went for breakfast at Perry’s instead of lunch. Perry’s serves such massive amounts that one third is really enough for me. But…….by the time I came home to sit at the computer for a few minutes, I couldn’t stay awake. I laid down for just a half and hour and took a two hour nap then felt not ok for the rest of the day. Slept well despite a few spider bites in the night until 0330 when I started thinking. Too many days of eggs, perhaps. Grrrrrrrrr. Food allergies and sensitivities are a such a hassle to the selfish, selfseeking, selfcentered person.

  • Lenore, my youngest daughter, called to say her husband had been laid off from his job on the local paper….along with 120 some others. When I told her about the COBRA costs, she took umbrage and got angry enough at me to tell her sister how wrong I was. Maybe her COBRA costs will be different than ours…..Now: $433.00 a month; Nine months from now: $1300.00 a month.

  • I woke in the night thinking of Lenore getting rid of all the family stuff I gave her when she sells her house and moves north. Thinking gets me in trouble every time.

  • I have a tiny essay for Ronnie semi finished and a short poem, shortened further yesterday, ready for the poets group today. I’ll take one of them. I don’t know when or where the group will meet tho.

  • Me: Snapped at G for making everything my fault. Befuddled over youngest’s continuing hatred of me. Ba in the pool pointedly ignoring both of us every morning this week. Not happy with my stomach or allergies at all. “Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today…” read G as the meeting closed last night.

  • Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

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  1. Ms. Maggie, I have been thinking of you for days. It stinks, that life is up and down instead of up. It is wonderful that the mammograms don't hurt. I have been doing the walk to take care of myself as you are - not a pleasant walk, and a bit longer than I expected. I will write about it in a bit. In the mean time, my thoughts are with you. Hugs your way, and laughs as well.


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