August 10, 2009

The Laundress

Two cool moments by the bay as the temperatures heat up here again.

Himself: Neither of us were in tune with the laundry this week. Ordered the new job finding book. Swim, job stuff, Automotive Museum meeting.

Herself: Solved the food problem by eating out. Found all her good pants a wrinkled mess….a second time. Swim, focus on laundry and food. Somehow these realities have slipped through my fingers.

Reading: Finished a T. Jefferson Parker.

Balance: Reading quietly in the car before the speakers meeting.

No swapmeet. Instead the circus took up the sports arena parking lot with their high fences so we could not see the magic behind them. He headed toward the new Ace Hardware and found parts to mend my 1960’s ironing board instead. Such a genius using PVC caps to replace the crumbling ends on the feet.

We stopped by Ross too. He now owns three new wider necked shirts. Economy means not sending them to the cleaners……..I’m attempting to wash and iron them. Hopefully my laundress attempts are unlike my cooking attempts.


  1. I'm glad my husband does all the ironing. I'm lousy at it. Sure hope your endeavours produce better results.

  2. I like to iron on cold days. But I guess you don't have many of those in San Diego. Maybe on a chilly morning?

    Great pics. I love the boat.

  3. I like to iron, it is a bit therapeutic, busy with my hands and my mind elsewhere. I am not good at it.
    For some reason I could not get half the text of this entry, came back here several times, but there is this big blank space.
    I also want to thank you for such a kind comment you left, it made my day, or should I say night, it is almost midnight here in Portugal.

  4. this made me smile: being in tune with the laundry! that photo of the water, sand and rocks and the little boat...make me think clothing might be superfluous.


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