August 4, 2009

Smiling at the Bits

The kitty looking out her window at the humming birds. Very Photoshopped. 2009.

Himself: Found one job he could actually do some networking with. Usually all he can do is apply and let the application flow out there into cyberland.

Herself: Reached a new scanning project. Nope, one cannot scan with either scanner directly to Word. One can scan as a JPG and print tho. So I did. Added green ferns to the living room for the duration. Makes it look jungle-ish. Busy.

Reading: Finished skimming the moldy magazines and banished them to the garage. Marvelous but moldy. Lots of gold and avocado colors.

Balance: Sitting in the living room just enjoying the space.

  • Daughter Margot reads this directly so I cannot tell you all about the next project I’ve begun. It’s going to take a while to complete too. I’m busy replacing something lost with her belongings several years ago….not a quilt. If there is silence here, it’s only because I cannot write about what I am so joyously doing.

  • My other daughter called on a question of etiquette. She found a small but fancy silver knife in a trash can. Up near the top, the end has several silver points. It sounds like a cheese knife to me. Other news: her realtor likes what she is doing with her house. News which slipped in seems to mean they are still considering moving tho her husband is still employed at 42 bucks an hour.

  • Bob’s your question? I think I had begun writing that Bee is driving down from LA today. We will have breakfast with her at Perry’s before she head’s east to spend the day helping with a mother who no longer recognizes her. I admire and appreciate this friend. She’s bringing a painting that she wishes me to play with……and she will then put in a show. Sounds like fun to me.

  • Himself, tho unemployed, thinks the now finished kitchen too dark. I, unfortunately, told him he could find a white stove top online. He sure could and bought one for just over a hundred bucks. We will soon have a vastly brighter kitchen and thinner wallet. Now if I don’t chip the enamel on the new stove top, we will really be ahead of the game….for I have already chipped the black on the new stove top. Grrrrrrrrr…….


  1. I like the mix of white and blue. Looks very Swedish. What's too dark?

  2. The counters darken it down. We are changing the stove top to white, and that should help a bit. I like it too, thanks.

  3. Love the kitchen, is that a mirror above the sink? What a clever idea! I also love that cat lamp! I can't wait to know what lovely surprise you are making for your daughter!

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