August 3, 2009

Soothing Sunday

Cardboard food di-cut display cutouts for sale at Comic-Con 2009.

Himself: Job search, went with G’tte to return a found Seaside Quilter book to Visions Quilt Gallery wearing his new plaid shorts, played games, meeting.

Herself: All but the job search plus took kitchen pictures forgetting the cat lamp. Got Plunge CD’s ready to mail. Today: Swim, meeting. I’ll hit the Office of PO later. G’s family twists words and phrases like that all the time.

Reading: Those sixties and seventies home magazines.

Balance: Sitting all by myself in the quiet with nothing happening for a while last night. Simple.

Life is not always a rush, not always jammed between pillar and post, sometimes its quiet too. Simple. Yesterday, I would finish something small, and just sit. Quiet. Later, when I’d finish another small thing I promised myself, I would just sit quietly again. Once I caught myself dozing off looking at my monitor feeling my head hit my chest with a thump.

Finishing small projects, small promises to oneself, is a gift. Sometimes they build up forgotten hanging out in a corner of my brain teasing my fading memory with their undoneness. I’m an expert at undonenesses.

Silly me.

Then again, if the state of my appointment book gives any clue to my undoneness, Wednesday is going to be interesting. “Swim” it tells me. I can do this. “Bob” it also says. Neither of us have any idea what Bob means. Bob up and down in the pool? Bob to visit? Bob to a meeting? Bob to lunch? Bob endlessly?

Bob’s your uncle. Now that’s an old one.

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  1. Hmmmm, Bob... just can imagine you writing it down thinking it was self-apparent. I do this all the time. The worse is telephone numbers without any names! Don't know how often I've called with a perky, "Hi, this is Lia" only to find out the person at the end, perhaps another family member, having no idea of who I am.


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