August 2, 2009

Still Futsing

Illustrator at work under a banner of his paintings, Comic-Con 2009.

Himself: Sale-ing where at the last estate sale ran into a Friday Volunteer and talked cars, lunch, volunteered at the Automotive Museum, dinner at home. Watched “Men in Black II.”

Herself: Futsed……which is one better than fussed, with the kitchen. Still settling in. Worked on the ongoing journal project then made a really gooey Katy Pitman salad dressing for a simple salad using two giant cloves of garlic. Hot and didn’t sleep well.

Reading: 1960’s and 70’s Better Homes and Gardens found at an estate sale. Loved the bigger format. Loved, just loved, most of the ads.

Balance: Those moments with the musty magazines.

Yes, we went to a few, near the house, estate sales. Yes, I spent a wanton fifteen bucks on a cat lamp. Yes, I said that…a bronze kitty sitting next to a lamp now forever staring out the window. Very effective. I’ll show pictures later. It was just what we needed in the far, far corner as a night lamp in the living room. G found a fifteen watt bulb that will do for the moment.

He went off to his museum, and I came upstairs to update my journal entries. It’s a long, tedious procedure if you don’t do it right away, and I have been beyond lax and touching on lazy with them..

The goal this year was to save each journal entry in a final viewable form. No coding. No “a href=” or “center” or other endless letters and numbers all surrounded buy more endless brackets. Words and pictures….that’s all. This way, my great grandkids, if they so care to look, won’t have to wonder what all the chicken scratches are. January through July 15th are now finished. I only have those last few days to do this morning and my year is visually complete.

Did I say I had another project waiting right over there…….Lessa’s Christmas Present. Maybe I can not only copy and print what I want…..scanning on my antique Blather HP scanner, but maybe I can scan to save and read on the computer too.

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