August 24, 2009

VIRUS updated 3

The computer room several computers ago. 2007.

Himself: Has written away for the killer virus blocker he used at work. I’ll let you know what it is.

Herself: Is using the old backup computer. Using old programs and old everything this morning.

Reading: A book on sailing ships.

Balance: No one is happy at this house.

Do not open any email from me.

I got home from an interesting newcomers meeting, and I wanted to shoot off one single email to a friend.

So I opened my closed computer, sent off my email, and I discovered a big, red X had taken over my world. No, I didn’t open the X program, but it was there in every corner of my computer anyway. G says it could have come from a web site not just email, and he used to get these at work all the time.

I was singularly not impressed.

We ran Norton……..which said it got something but didn’t. G facebooked an old workmate for the name of the program they used at his last work, and he will run it here once we know what it is.

Since I didn’t have my friends new address on this old computer nor her phone number, I cannot email her and yell……….don’t open that email I sent you. It’s too early to call anyone. G says call when you get home from the pool……when I find the phone number…but I worry.

0658: Found my friends phone number and called. G's friend hasn't opened his facebook page yet, so we don't have the name of the program yet. We are off to swim.....tho the instructor is on vacation.

0900: Home to get an note on my blog saying her computer was a MAC and didn't get those viruses.....tho she was overjoyed to hear my voice.

1346: The "new" computer is off to the shop with a log of the scans on the desktop. None of the folks G called for help answered, and G begins to believe his last place of employment is totally closed now.

The Tech guy says these new viruses are tailored to come out on the day of or the day after Microsoft does it's updates. The techie recommended Cure-It from Run it every day, he says. New updates to the virus will arrive every day. So G did as many updates as he could to the old computer, and it still runs, then installed and ran Cure-it. Progress......tho this is still a 32 bit system just waiting for disaster.

Oy! Sometimes I feel very old.

I have to confess that this is so discouraging.

No Silent film night with one of the Jays. He ran out of his meds. We plan on meeting up with the other Jay and playing the evening by ear.


  1. You're lucky to have G to figure out what to do about this sort of thing. Neither Jerry or I know enough. He knows more than I do, but his knowledge is dated. It's hard to keep up with the world of computers.

  2. I would not know what to do either. You are lucky to have G tell you what to do about this problem. My husband also helps me as he is very patient, if he does not know he will read and then figure the problem out. But sometimes computer problems are ahead of us.


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